Taba San Pedro, Patay Cruz, Ryan Panis: Unforgettable names in 2013 polls

Research by Rei Pangilinan,

Posted at May 14 2013 11:17 PM | Updated as of May 15 2013 06:28 PM

Here's a list of candidates with unforgettable names, and how they're faring in the 2013 local elections as of Tuesday:

Andaya, Rolando Jr. (LAKAS)
HoR, Cam Sur First District. 
-landslide, 50,200 vs Delos Reyes, Nestor's 5168
 Tubo, Eti (UNA)
Sangguniang Panlalawigan Member, South Cotobato First District
- fifth with 19,336 votes vs 26,098 of the one leading, with 23.29% ERs processed 
Catorce, Ester (UNA)
Sangguniang Panlalawigan Member, South Cotabato Second district
-second with 53,433 votes following the leader who has 55,469  (66.51% ERs)
Monday, Sagin
Sangguniang Panlalawigan Member, South Cotabato Second district
-14th with 31,556 votes. Leader has 55,469 with 66.51% ERs processed
Bordado, Gabriel Jr.  (LP)
Sangguniang Panlunsod, Naga City , Cam Sur
- leading with 29,287 votes with 76.24% ERs processed
Pingoy, Dodo (UNA)
 Governor, South Cotabato
-second with 75,830 votes. leading bet has 77,095 with 43.78% ERs processed
Maamo, Mike (NUP)
Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Second district Southern Leyte
-second with 26,803 votes. Leading bet has 27,348 votes, as of May 14 6:27 pm
Bernabe, Kapitan Putol (independent)
Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Third District Bulacan 
-fifth out of five candidates with 7,216 votes. leading bet has 80,224 with 72.10% ERs processed
Dela Cruz, Buko (NUP)
Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Second district Bulacan 
-leading the race with 127, 684 votes followed by his rival with 100,590 with 82.89% ERs processed
Principio, Tika
Sangguniang Bayan, Balagtas Bulacan
-13th with 6,928 votes. leading bet has 14,915 votes with 86% ERs processed
Cruz, Patay (NUP)
Sangunniang Bayan, Angat Bulacan
-7th with 8,822 votes. candidate on the 8th spot has 8,784 votes while leading bet has 9,375 votes with 76.19% ERs processed
Dimaano, Lyn 
Mayor, Lipa City Batangas
-4th with 539 votes. leading bet has 44,355 votes with 70.27% ERs processed. 
Meneses, Piccolo (NUP)
Sangguniang Bayan, Bulacan Bulacan
-3rd with 11,213 votes. leading bet has 12,756 votes with 66% ERs processed
Tablan, Nina (LDP)
Sangguniang Bayan, Bulacan Bulacan
-14th with 3,725 votes. leading bet has 12,756 votes with 66% ERs processed
San Pedro, Taba (NUP)
 Sangguniang Bayan, Doña Remedios Trinidad Bulacan
-6th with 4,365. leading bet has 5,427 with 92.31% ERs processed
Dela Cruz, Pusod
Mayor, Bocaue Bulacan
-3rd with 2,985 votes. leading bet has 16,046 votes with 78.38% ERs processed.
Violago, Goto (LP)
Mayor, San Rafael Bulacan
-leading with 23,919 votes vs rival's 13,044 votes with  77.92% ERs processed.
Batongbakal, Jose
 Sangguniang Bayan, Bocaue Bulacan
-27th with 1,954 votes. leading bet has 17,569 votes with 78.38% ERs processed.
Ticman, Loise (NPC)
Sangguniang Bayan, Cainta Rizal
-leading with 30,306 votes with 76.37% ERs processed
Bernardino, Baka (Nup)
Sangguniang Bayan, Calumpit Bulacan
-10th with 9,108 votes. leading bet has 14,889 votes with 63.89% ERs processed.
Teh, Karina (UNA)
Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Caloocan City , First district
-2nd with 104,812 votes. leading bet has 107,189 votes with 79.96% ERs processed.
Magtanong, Bebot (Npc) 
Sangguniang Panlalawigan, First District of Bataan
-9th with 17,899 votes. leading bet has 77,953 votes with 83.81% ERs processed.
 Panis, Ryan Rey (LP)
Sangguniang Bayan, San Roque Pateros
-6th with 4,046 votes. leading bet has 5,697 votes as of May 14 6:25 PM
Lapig, Dikit
Sangguniang Bayan, Doña Remedios Trinidad Bulacan
-18th with 1,865 votes. leading bet has 5,427 with 92.31% ERs processed. 
Maliwanag, Bong (LP)
Mayor, Candelaria Quezon
-leading with 24,060 votes. Rival has 7,860 votes with 69.44% ERs processed
Wagas, Gilbert
HoR, Cebu fifth district
-3rd with 9,183 votes. leading bet has 147,161 with 88.73% ERs processed. 
Mustard, Cesar
Sangguniang Bayan, Gangal Sallapadan Abra
-6th with 929 votes. leading bet has 1,249 with 44.44% ERs processed.
Pascual, Antok (Nup)
Sangguniang Bayan, Norzagaray Bulacan
-10th with 9,150. leading bet has 12,704 votes with 55.88% ERs processed.
Catarata, Cicero 
Sangguniang Panlunsod, Poblacion Valencia City , Bukidnon
-2nd with 21,415 votes. leading bet has 23,200 votes with 75.33 % ERs processed. 
Pagtalunan, Yen (Una)
Sangguniang bayan, malolos bulacan
-11th with 22,626 votes. leading bet has 33,537 votes with 80% ERs processed
Tiangsing, Jerry (PDP)
Sangguniang Bayan, Poblacion Sur Paniqui Tarlac
-6th with 9,781 votes. leading bet has 19,291 votes with 62.67% ERs processed
Dimaapi, Carlos (Lp)
Sangguniang Bayan, Plaridel Bulacan
-23rd with 1,585 votes. leading bet has 15,527 votes with 68.75% ERs processed. 
Sumampong, Bebot (LP)
Vice Mayor, Loboc Bohol
-leading with 4,149 votes. Close fight with Digal, having 3,883 votes with 92.86% ERs processed.
Dicdican, Ananias (Lp)
Sangguniang Bayan, San Jose del Monte Bulacan
-11th with 4,516 votes. leading bet has 16,737 votes as of May 13 10:24 PM 
Amoy, Nena (LP)
Sangguniang Bayan, Sikatuna Bohol
-7th with 2,244 votes. leading has 3,189 votes. Final Count.
Hilao, Ariel (Npc)
Sangguniang Bayan, Tanay Rizal
-16th with 3,427 votes. leading has 7,470 as of 36.99% ERs processed
Balingbing, Alex (LP)
Sangguniang Bayan, Malilipot Albay
-4th with 7,136 votes. leading bet has 8890 votes with 83.33% ERs processed.
Manood, Edgar
Sangguniang Panlunsod, Second District Mandaluyong
-13th with 7,598 votes. leading bet has 39,021 votes with 76.15% ERs processed.
Tumulak, Dave (UNA)
Sangguniang Bayan, Cebu Cebu
-4th with 72,511 votes. leading bet has 81,218 votes with 65.68% ERs processed.
Pahati, J (NPC)
Sangguniang Bayan, Teresa Rizal
-11th with 6,971 votes. leading bet has 10,887 votes with 80% ERs processed.
Maligaya, Jasmin (NP)
Vice Mayor, Magallanes Cavite
-leading with 3,803 votes. Rival has 1,644 votes with 66.67% ERs processed.
Bantayan, Aron Utol (NPC)
Sangguniang Panlalawigan, First District of Quezon
-4th with 8,341 votes. leading bet has 73,619 votes with 61.83 % ERs processed
Carampot, Bert (NUP)
Sangguniang Bayan, General Trias Cavite
-3rd with 34,255 votes. leading bet has 36,939 votes with 82.92% ERs processed.
Yari, Angelito
Sangguniang Bayan, Aguho, Pateros
-14th with 486 votes. leading bet has 4,231 votes as of May 14, 6:25 PM
Langit, Angelito
Sangguniang Bayan, Tanza Cavite
-2nd with 24,268 votes. leading bet has 25,490 votes with 71.96% ERs processed.
Tigas, Rolly (NUP)
Sangguniang Panlalawigan, First District of Bataan
-4th with 65,574 votes. leading bet has 77,953 votes with 83.8% ERs processed. 
Lolo, Sunday (PPP)
Sangguniang Bayan, Quezon Palawan
-2nd with 4,553 votes. leading bet has 5,374 votes with 55.81% ERs processed. 
Go, Dok Go (PDP)
Sangguniang Panglungsod, Capri QC 5th district
-17th with 7,993 votes. leading bet has 53,771 with 81.90% ERs processed
Bihasa, Pilot (LDP)
Mayor, Baler Aurora
-leading with 5,414 votes. followed by rivals with 3,494 and 2,387 votes with 65.63% ERs processed. 
Biglang-awa, Nilo (KKK)
Sangguniang Panglungsod, Capri QC 5th district
-21st with 5,216 votes. leading bet  has 53,771 votes with81.90% ERs processed.
Pagalet, Abukalil
Sangguniang Panlunsod, Tuktukan Taguig CIty
-21st with 808 votes. leading bet has 19,765 votes as of 7:31PM May 14
Lim, Barok (Lp)
Sangguniang Bayan, Quezon Quezon
-13th with 366 votes. leading bet has 860 votes with 12% ERs processed 
Bugtong, Bartolome (NUP)
Sangguniang Bayan, Poblacion Tayum, Abra
-14th with 633 votes. leading bet has 2,956 votes with 64.29% ERs processed.
Antigo, Larry (NPC)
Sangguniang Bayan, Porac Pampanga
-13th with 7,649 votes. leading bet has 17,540 votes with 77.33% ERs processed.
Alimpuyo, Nestor (LP)
Sangguniang Bayan, Poblacion, Alimodian Iloilo
-15th with 1,534 votes. leading bet has 4,233 votes with 47.46% ERs processed.
Granada, Sunday Wilan (NPC)
Sangguniang Bayan, Poblacion Bansalan Davao Del Sur
-13th with 6,923 votes. leading bet has 12, 158 votes with 87.50% ERs processed
Burns, Charles Jr. (NP)
Sangguniang Panlungsod, West Bajac-Bajac Olongapo City Zambales
-21st with 2,177 votes. leading bet has 10,600 votes with 21.52 % ERs processed
Bonus, Ed (NPC)
Sangguniang Bayan, Cubcub Capas Tarlac
-13th with 2,331 votes. leading bet has 6,309 votes with 33.80 % ERs processed
Dimatulac Jimmy (LAKAS)
Sangguniang Bayan, Cubcub Capas Tarlac
-12th with 2,378. leading bet has 6,309 votes with 33.80 % ERs processed
Macabenta, Eddie (NPC)
Sangguniang Bayan, Dagohoy Bohol
-15th with 1,352 votes. leading bet has 4,218 votes with 66.67% ERs processed
Maamo, Marlo
HoR, Cebu first district
-4th with 6,249 votes. leading bet has 139, 575 votes with 84.45% ERs processed. 
Batuhan, Aristotle (UNA)
HoR, Cebu second district
-second with 89,136 votes. leading bet has 111,026 votes with 89.1% ERs processed. 
Pait, Kissinger 
Sangguniang Bayan, Poblacion Boliney Abra
-15th with 95 votes. leading bet has 580 with 33.33% ERs processed