Bianca Valerio: 'Fashion is for everyone'

By Barry Viloria,

Posted at May 13 2011 12:33 PM | Updated as of May 13 2011 08:53 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Back in the “Dark Ages,” being fashionable was as risky as walking on a land mine: You have to wear your clothes at your best or be dead.

In recent years, however, fashion in the Philippines has apparently evolved. It has become convenient for a lot of people to wear whatever they feel helps them express their views and thoughts.

Celebrity-host, model and makeup artist Bianca Valerio attributes this reality to the Internet. For Valerio, the World Wide Web has indeed helped fashionistas to come out of their shells and relay their statements to the public.

Bianca Valerio, host of the show '"F.A.S.H."

“It's because of the bloggers and the Internet sensation where everywhere, anybody can be a fashionista,” she said during F.A.S.H.’s (Fashion and Style Hub) second season launch held last week in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

The Internet has also taken out the monopoly in fashion and has urged the industry to see and accept diversity, Valerio explained.

“They (fashion bloggers) can create their own websites and show all their different looks,” she said. “You control what you want to be out there. Once it's in the Internet, it's forever.”

Valerio particularly cited Filipino Bryan “Bryan Boy” Yambao as among the fashion bloggers she lauds. Yambao, who started blogging at 17, has made an impression in the international fashion scene thanks to his fashion blog.

“Who was he before, right? He just started blogging and look at where is he now,” Valerio said. “It really could be anyone.”

Best fashion tip

When asked for fashion tips, Valerio’s answer was very general. For her, being fashionable is just about carrying a good personality.

“If you look good but you don’t feel good, it shows… A fashionista for me is just anybody who is brave enough to make a statement like, 'This is what I'm wearing, like it or hate it,’” she said.

However, Valerio said that one’s beautiful clothes does not justify bad behavior.

“It doesn't mean that just because you're 'fasyon' that you can look down on people, that you're better than somebody,” she said. "Huwag naman chakang personality."

“Just make sure that at the end of the day, whatever you're wearing, mabuti ka pa ring tao,” Valerio added.

F.A.S.H. (moving) forward

Valerio, along with F.A.S.H. co-hosts John Lozano, Ram de Vera, Borge Aloba and Ferdi Salvador, returns to the boob tube promising “more useful beauty and fashion tips, more life-changing makeovers and a whole lot of stylish fun.”

“It's just in a different light, a more humorous light, a more glamorous light. And an empowering light, that's the more important,” the fashion icon said.

Valerio stressed the show's thrust of empowerment. "[This brings] empowerment for your budget, empowerment for being a single lady who doesn't need a man to feel good, empowerment for the geeky guy who is just so full of himself to be even more full of himself, empowerment for the girl struggling to find herself and her own personal style.”

“The main message is that you are your own strength... Once you find it, you can do so much more than you can ever imagine," she said.

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