How to draw a zombie a la 'Walking Dead'


Posted at May 12 2014 12:56 PM | Updated as of May 12 2014 08:56 PM

British comic book artist Charlie Adlard. File Photo.

MANILA – British comic book artist Charlie Adlard, known for his work on “The Walking Dead,” shared on Monday some quick tips on how to effectively draw zombie characters.

Adlard, who is known for his strong use of black and white in his works, said drawing zombies is quite a simple process.

“You just shrink the cheeks a lot so you got very hollow cheeks. And then no lips, just the teeth and bones to make them more monstrous.

“Get rid of the irises of the eyes, just make them black and white. And draw them with not much hair,” he said in an interview on “[email protected]

Adlard admitted that many people have associated his drawing style with horror, mainly because of his work on “The Walking Dead,” which has been adapted for television.

He stressed, however, that he enjoys drawing for science fiction and drama comic books as much as horror.

“Any genre is fine with me,” explained Adlard, who has been doing sketches for different comic books such as “Superman” and “Judge Dredd” before he was tapped for “The Walking Dead.”

“I use black more as a design tool. I love the use of heavy blacks,” he added. “My work is more graphic than the usual American comic book superhero mainstream artists.”

Early start

Adlard, who is in Manila to meet Filipino fans, said he started his passion for comic books at the age of six.

“That’s going way, way back to 1972, when my dad bought me a copy of ‘The Mighty World of Marvel.’ It was an anthology book of all the classic Marvel characters,” he recalled.

“And from that moment, I think I was drawing already… I was hooked on comics and my artwork turned into drawing, specifically comics.”

Despite a few detours – he tried his hand at performing in a band and studied film for three years – Adlard found himself going back to his first love, drawing comics.

“It didn’t work out,” he said of his other endeavors. “And I ended up going back to comics.”

When asked about the level of success he has achieved as a comic book artist, Adlard said: “No one expects to have this level of success. I mean, it’s such a rarity, you don’t even want to think about it because [if it doesn’t happen] you’ll forever be disappointed.”

“I’m just more than happy making a living out of doing what I’m doing. Not many people are lucky enough like myself to basically spend every day enjoying yourself, which is what I do,” he ended.