Sewing gold into skin can make you look younger


Posted at Apr 27 2012 04:34 PM | Updated as of Apr 30 2012 06:35 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Stitching gold under the surface of your skin can make you look years younger.

Here’s an alternative to going under the knife for a face lift: Implanting a thread made of 24-karat gold into your skin. The idea sounds daunting and quite dubious at first, but it’s a practice known to have produced remarkable results in Poland, where it originated, and parts of Asia.

The procedure: A mesh framework is sewn into your skin – your face, or other body parts that have sagged due to aging – with the use of a needle and the 24-karat golden thread manufactured specifically for purposes of skin implant.

Himself an expert on all things beauty and wellness, Filipino salon mogul Ricky Reyes has gone through the same procedure, and now goes about daily living with gold under his skin, and of course the benefits that come with the extreme luxury.

“Oo, may ginto [sa ilalim ng balat ko]. Para bang ‘yung mga bundok, ‘pag nalalaglag na, nilalagyan nila ng mga mesh wires. ‘Yung mesh wire na ‘yan, tutubuan na ng lupa, tutubuan na ng halaman, para ang bundok ay hindi na babagsak,” Reyes told radio dzMM.

Reyes’ analogy refers to the time it takes for the gold mesh implant to show results. Over time, after the mesh is sewn in, the body’s natural collagen production is stimulated, which in turn triggers noticeable improvements in the skin where the gold mesh was implanted.

Other areas of the body that can be treated are the cleavage, arms, hands, belly, hips, buttocks, and on the face – the cheeks, forehead, and the surrounding area of the eyes and the mouth.

“24 karat gold is the only foreign material that can go into our body that has no side effect,” Reyes added.

While the procedure has remarkable benefits, Reyes acknowledged that aside from the surgical service, the material itself is very costly – that is, in addition to the costs of flying to Thailand, Malaysia or Poland to avail of it since the Philippines has yet to offer the same treatment.

But Reyes is adamant of his personal advocacy for beauty.

“Anything and everything for your beauty, go for it, kasi nakakapagod naman sa umaga, titingin ka sa salamin, makikita mo sarili mo, it’s the same old you, all the time for the last 20 to 30 years. You look old, at pinagtatyagaan mo pa tingnan ‘yung mukha mo. Your day will not be nice anymore,” he said.

“If you want to feel good, you have to look good. We’re very lucky because we belong in this generation where everything is possible.”