'Royal tweets' from Prince William and Kate?

By Karen Galarpe, abs-cbnNEWS.com

Posted at Apr 27 2011 01:53 PM | Updated as of Apr 28 2011 07:30 PM

MANILA, Philippines - With just about three days left before he takes a vow to be Kate Middleton's husband, what could be going on in Prince William's mind?

The fake Twitter account @William_HRH tries to "think" and "tweet" like the prince, and if people are to believe any of the so-called royal tweets, the groom-to-be may just be worrying about the guest list and all that--just like any normal man about to get married.

A recent tweet went, "They say there are already folk camping outside the Abbey. Oh dear."

And another post said, "Frantically trying to put names to faces, have not a clue who half these 'guests' are. #Awkward."

There are also hints about the prince's possible state of mind about leaving bachelorhood behind.

"Well, that was that. One's last Saturday night as a free man GONE," @William_HRH posted.

And with the royal wedding the talk of the town (and the world), an exasperated @William_HRH tweeted: "All one hears is 'wedding this' and 'wedding that'. Tempted to hit Vegas and get it over and done with..."

'Kate' tweets too?

And what about the bride-to-be? Well, a Twitter user made an account for Kate Middleton, @PrincessKateFTW, FTW meaning, of course, "for the win."

Addressing rumors that Middleton has become so, so alarmingly thin, @PrincessKateFTW posted: "I'm not anorexic. I'm just in the middle of a gin cleanse diet. Glad to know it's working!"

And like @William_HRH, the user of the fake Middleton account is also imagining the bride-to-be getting nervous about the people camping outside Westminster Abbey to get a "front-row" seat to the royal wedding: "So, how many days before YOUR wedding did people start camping outside the church? Just curious."

On April 1, @PrincessKateFTW even posted a joke: "Calling off the wedding, going back to school to become a doctor, working exclusively in the third world. #aprilfools." Wedding jitters? Na-ah.

Of course there's going to be a wedding! She (@PrincessKateFTW, that is) posted, "Of COURSE there's a spare dress. This is a royal wedding! There's even a spare groom, you know!"

It's not clear as of press time who is/are behind the fake Twitter accounts. One thing is sure, there is a royal wedding on Friday, April 29 and the whole world--and Twitterverse--can't wait to witness it!

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