Facebook goes down, frantic netizens turn to Twitter

By Gemma Bagayaua Mendoza, abs-cbnNEWS.com/ Newsbreak

Posted at Apr 24 2010 07:13 AM | Updated as of Apr 27 2010 05:54 AM

You know that the world literally revolves around your web service if news that you are down spreads within minutes, nay seconds, after it actually goes down--on Twitter.

This is what happened to Facebook very early morning of Saturday, Philippine time (or about 3 p.m., Los Angeles time).

To many users, it all started with Facebook "acting up." 

For instance, while posting photos from my baby's first birthday celebration, I realized I couldn't tag.

I refreshed my browser and got the ominous yellow triangle warning sign that accompanies the report: "The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading." It further said "The site might be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments."

I tried refreshing again. Same message.

Thinking it was my connection, I checked the other sites and noticed that I could access everything else.

Then I turned to Twitter where I chanced upon the tweet of Danny Sullivan, Editor of SearchEngineLand.com, who said "it appear @facebook seems to be down. something i said? but apparently i'm not alone."

Sullivan also tweeted that even the Facebook official blog is also down, "so you can't even go there to find WTF happen."

Then he linked to a page that aggregated tweets by frantic Facebook users who were searching for answers and screaming their frustration over the fact that the world's top social networking service is down.

The tweets were so hilarious.

Some were apocalyptic such as @BillyLinker's tweet: "The world is finally ending... Facebook is down."

Others found it a blessing, @HunterO said "Facebook is down and the world's productivity has just skyrocketed. I expect a cure for cancer in the next 10 minutes."

Quite a number tweeted, "What will I do? Facebook is down!"

Others scrambled for other ways to communicate with their friends. Tweetizen @juddybuddy36 said, "Is Facebook still down? Could everybody text me their status updates until it's back up please?"

@JuliaPainter said, "Eeeek! Facebook is down. I might have to actually pick up the phone and call to talk to my friends! "

One Twitter user, @melgordon said "Facebook is down, does this mean I have no friends now?"

Facebook went back up for this writer (and apparently also for the rest of the world) about 12 minutes later. But this was not before it landed 9th as a trending topic on Twitter. - abs-cbnNEWS.com/Newsbreak