Why breast milk is still best for babies


Posted at Apr 20 2015 10:46 PM | Updated as of Apr 22 2015 01:13 AM

MANILA - Breast milk remains the best choice for babies because its protein content is lower than alternatives, an expert said Monday.

In a press conference, Dr. Berthold Koletzko said studies have shown different results of rapid weight gain among infants to 2-year-old children, depending on what they consume.

Protein, a nutrient for one's growth, is considered a major structural component for the body.

Focusing on milk as his central topic, he said children who were breastfed had 15 to 25 percent less chances to become obese.

Koletzko associated this with the amount of protein found in breast milk.

He then compared it to the conventional bottle feeding, which scored higher in protein content.

Formula-fed infants showed greater weight gain during the duration of the case study.

Koletzko added that those who were fed with higher protein, showed higher weight, weight-for-length, and body mass index (BMI).

Following that protein is an important building block for growing children, especially infants, Koletzko advised parents to review what they feed their children.

Although breastfeeding is the best way to lessen chances for obesity, Koletzko said that formulae with reduced protein contents with high protein quality is also an acceptable alternative.

However, he said that cow's milk should not be fed to children under one year of age because it contains three times more protein than human breast milk.