How Jesuits evangelize via social media


Posted at Apr 19 2014 10:40 AM | Updated as of Apr 19 2014 09:21 PM

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MANILA – Religious groups are now also using social media to preach the word of the Lord.

Jesuits Communication Foundation (Jescom) Director Fr. Emmanuel “Nono” Alfonso said it is maximizing its social media presence to evangelize and attract the youth.

“For the longest time, we have been in traditional media. And by that, we mean radio, tv and print. But of course, the young people now are [into] Internet, they’re watching YouTube, in Twitter, Facebook, so we have to adapt. We have our Facebook page, we have our website also and we do twittering and also all the social media stuff. That’s how we are evangelizing the world now.”

Jescom is the media arm of the Society of Jesus in the Philippines. They are involved in the production of audio-visual materials for evangelization and education.

Fr. Alfonso also said that their social media presence is not only felt in the Philippines but all over the world.

“Like the show of Cardinal [Luis Antonio Tagle], the Word Exposed, that is being shown as well through The Filipino Channel... But that is accessible as well through YouTube and so we get feedback from many Filipinos around the globe and we are in the process of having it shown in New York and in Catholic stations requesting for this program of Cardinal to be shown.”

Apart from utilizing social media websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, Jescom also makes use of other social media trends like "selfies" for publicity and promotion.

Fr. Alfonso said that they have to be like Pope Francis, a Jesuit church leader who knows the importance of maximizing his online presence.

“We have to be as progressive as the Pope is using media technology to evangelize where the young people are. It’s very important that the Pope leads in this way.”