Sofitel staycations take detox to next level

By Ira Pedrasa,

Posted at Apr 14 2014 11:42 AM | Updated as of Apr 14 2014 07:42 PM

Guests at Vietura can stay in this living room while waiting for their consultation or treatment. Photo by Karen Flores,

MANILA -- If you want to up the ante in detoxifying, why not try colonic hydrotherapy?

While it may be terrifying to some, the procedure – simply called colonics – is one that is highly recommended by naturopaths.

Colonics refers to the insertion of a tube into the rectum, where large amounts of herbs or medicine-infused water will pass through towards the large intestines. The purpose is to remove toxins in the body, which naturopaths believe can’t just be removed by simple juices or diets.

Before the idea of colonics turns you off, the benefits should help you think again.

According to website, removing the unnecessary matters in one’s colon allows “vital nutrients to be absorbed and leaves you feeling healthy and light. Colonics can also help re-tone and re-shape the colon.”

The actual insertion of the tube is the hardest part of the process, not because it’s painful, but because it’s awkward.

But also went on to say that there’s nothing to be scared of as colonics have been the practice of a lot of people since time immemorial, as can be gleaned from Egyptian hieroglyphics to the Bible.

In the country, Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle is among the spas that offer the procedure. It helps that the clinic and lifestyle center is located inside the posh Sofitel, which should help customers feel more relaxed.

Vietura comes from the French word “vie’’ meaning life and "tura’’ from the Latin word natura, meaning nature.

Colonics is part of Vietura’s Detox Retreat package, which is priced at around P17,000. The package already actually includes an overnight stay in a superior room, De-Light breakfast for two at Spiral, a 30-minute De-Stress Massage at Le Spa, complimentary Yoga class, nutritional counseling and a 15-minute Ultralipo treatment.

The resident nutritionist, Agnes Tumaneng, helps customers feel at ease before going through the process.

Before starting the colonics therapy, Tumaneng will take the weight and other measurements and evaluate the needs of the customer. She says to relax, because the benefit will be felt immediately after.

A Vietura employee will help in the initial part of the process, but she can always stay outside if the customer wishes to.

A few minutes into the process, the customer will finally feel comfortable. In addition, there is no smell at all, thanks to the tube and machine that helps in the bowel process.

Medical tourism

But if colonics is not part of your detox regimen, Sofitel’s beauty staycation offers other packages.

The Summer Perfection package includes an overnight stay in a superior room, De-Light breakfast for two at Spiral, 30-minute Slimming Massage at Le Spa, nutritional counseling, two sessions of Lipocryo and Ultraskin Tight at Vietura and exclusive access to SoFit (Sofitel’s fitness facility.) It involves a body slimming and contouring program for fat removal.

The Timeless Beauty package, on the other hand, is for those who prefer to relax. It includes an overnight stay in a superior room, De-Light breakfast for two at Spiral, 30-minute rejuvenating massage at Le Spa, complimentary Yoga class, nutritional counseling, 15-minute Resolift treatment and one session of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which Vietura explains is a revolutionary anti-aging program that smoothens even the deepest wrinkles.

“Gone are the days when guests, both foreign and local, look for a hotel to stay. Today’s guests’ preferences have evolved – they are looking for luxury resort environment to escape, unwind and rejuvenate,” Sofitel general manager Adam Laker said.

He said the partnership also bolsters the country’s bid as a medical tourism destination.

“We at Sofitel, together with our partner, renowned wellness expert Dr. Mary Jane ‘MJ’ Torres, are truly proud to have pioneered this lifestyle destination model in Manila. Providing comprehensive beauty and wellness programs within a five star luxury resort setting has not only attracted a new market segment for the hotel, but also supported the country’s bid as a medical tourism hub in Southeast Asia,” he said.

With the performance of Vietura, which just celebrated its first year anniversary last month. Laker said a second branch is set to open at Sofitel’s sister hotel in Bali, Indonesia – Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort.

“Vietura provides comprehensive treatment programs that go beyond superficial improvements. With the utmost care and anonymity that only Sofitel can provide, Vietura is a promise to the unique clientele that they are about to unveil a new version of themselves – to feel healthier and radiate beauty from within and to switch to a healthier lifestyle to maintain all the beautiful changes,” Laker said.