Jessica Sanchez, NoKor, Friday 13th trend on Twitter


Posted at Apr 13 2012 01:57 PM | Updated as of Apr 14 2012 02:46 AM

MANILA, Philippines – It seems that Friday the 13th, a superstitiously unlucky day, is a good one for “American Idol” finalist Jessica Sanchez, at least from the perspective of someone from the Philippines.

Sanchez, a half-Filipina, was saved by “American Idol” judges Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler after getting the lowest number of votes in this week’s elimination round.

The results were announced on Thursday night, or Friday morning in Manila.

“Give me that mic! This is crazy! We’re using the save. You ain’t going home! Go sit down,” Lopez told Sanchez.

The shocking and emotional “save” became a huge topic among Filipino Internet users, with terms such as “#thesave,” “Bottom 3” and “Judges” making it to Twitter’s list of top trending local topics.

The words “Jessica Sanchez” remains in fifth place as of posting.

Most Filipino netizens expressed their support for Sanchez and thanked the “American Idol” judges for giving her another shot at the title.

Some well-known personalities also tweeted about Sanchez’s near-miss.

“OMG! I am an emotional wreck! I am weeping as I see this video! @JSanchezAI11 NEVER AGAIN!” tweeted fashion designer Rajo Laurel.

Musician Jim Paredes meanwhile posted, “I am such a fan of Jessica Sanchez. Tama ang judges. She is one of the best singers in America.”

Actress Iza Calzado said that she will call her friends in the US to vote for Sanchez, in response to singer Karylle tweeting, “We have to start voting for @JSanchezAI11 :) I will call my Lola manga to start voting on the next show ;)”

Others, meanwhile, noted that Friday the 13th brought luck to Sanchez.

“Friday the 13th in the Philippines affects the Filipino fans of ‘American Idol’ 11…Thank God she (Sanchez) was saved,” one of them said.

“Jessica? Save? Saw that coming. Friday the 13th, y’all,” another tweeted.

North Korea not as lucky

North Korea, however, was not as lucky as Sanchez on Friday the 13th.

The East Asian country’s much talked-about earth observation satellite failed to enter its preset orbit earlier today, the North’s official news agency said.

“The rocket exploded mid-air about one or two minutes after its launch Friday morning from the northwestern county of Tongchang-ri, splashing down in the Yellow Sea off South Korea,” Agence France-Presse reported, citing Seoul’s defense ministry.

Search terms related to the failed rocket launch made it to the top trending local topics on Twitter today, from “North Korea” to “NoKor.”

Netizens across the globe each had something to say about the event, with most of them relating it to the so-called bad luck brought by Friday the 13th.

“North Korea should have known better than to launch their rocket on Friday the 13th,” one Twitter user said.

“North Korea tempted fate with launching missile on Friday the 13th and paid the price with failure,” another said.

Friday the 13th

With Internet users connecting today’s successes and failures with Friday the 13th, it is no surprise that the term itself is a trending topic on Twitter.

The hashtag “#Fridaythe13th” ranks second on the microblogging site’s list of top trending local topics today, while “Today is Friday” is in seventh place.

Today is the second Friday the 13th of the year, with the first occurring in January. Another one is set to take place in July.

Most people and companies put important activities on hold on Friday the 13th out of superstition, while a handful do it out of fear. A phobia of Friday the 13th called friggatriskaidekaphobia affects 17 to 21 million Americans, according to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, California.

Some, however, have capitalized on the Friday the 13th phobia, with movies about the so-called unlucky day done in recent years.