Summer treats: Singapore's Owl coffee, Speculoos ice cream


Posted at Apr 08 2014 04:11 PM | Updated as of Apr 09 2014 12:11 AM

MANILA – Here are two products released in the Philippine market this summer that has personally tried.

Owl coffee and tea

Singapore’s leading instant coffee and tea brand has made it to Philippine shores.

Established in 1956, Owl is known for its “authentic local taste,” with its products imported in more than 17 countries across the globe. Each product is given a score of one to five in terms of strength, sweetness and milkiness to guide customers.

A great choice for first-timers is the Kopi-C, Owl’s take on Singapore’s coffee with evaporated milk. Creamy with just the right amount of sweetness, the drink can be enjoyed hot or with ice.

Owl’s Kopi-C. Photo: Handout

Those who want less sugar may opt for the Kopi Siew Dai, which means “less sweet” in Singaporean lingo, or the Strong variant which is still milder than its counterparts in Manila.

Owl’s two Nanyang White Coffee offerings have more depth of flavor, particularly the Gula Melaka variant which has coco sugar. Ideally paired with desserts, these can also be blended with ice and other sweets such as crushed cookies and chocolate.

Owl’s Gula Melaka coffee. Photo: Handout

The Teh Tarik, meanwhile, is ideal for those who want a taste of Singapore’s well-loved hand-pulled milk tea. While the real drink served at outdoor stalls in Singapore is much better, this is a good quick fix. There is also the Soothing Brew, which offers a mix of ginger tea and honey.

Owl’s products are sold in packs of 25 sachets or more at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide, and these are slightly more expensive than their competitors. Despite this, the items are worth a try, especially the Kopi-C, Nanyang White Coffee and Teh Tarik variants.


Speculoos ice cream

Riding on the popularity of cookie butter in the Philippines, Nestle recently released in the Philippines a Speculoos-flavored ice cream variant.

Part of its Nestle Temptations line, the Dutch Speculoos ice cream features cookie butter-flavored ice cream, cookie butter ripple and cookie chunks. The mix of creamy ice cream, cinnamon and nutmeg makes this an interesting summer treat and is great as a topping on plain crepes and pancakes.

Nestle Temptations Dutch Speculoos ice cream. Photo: Handout

The Dutch Speculoos ice cream, however, is better enjoyed in small portions as too much of it may be too overpowering for most people. Eat it right after taking it out of the freezer as it becomes a bit too sweet when it starts to melt.

Nestle’s newest offering is available in stores nationwide. Aside from Dutch Speculoos, the brand also offers French Salted Caramel, Belgian Chocolate Praline and Italian Coffee Affogato variants.