What you need to know about 'blue balls'


Posted at Apr 06 2014 08:24 PM | Updated as of Apr 07 2014 04:24 AM

MANILA -- "Blue balls" is a painful condition that is more common in young men, usually caused by interrupted sex, or when a man fails to ejaculate.

It is a condition caused by vasocongestion, or when blood is trapped on a the scrotum.

On her radio show, "Private Nights" on DZMM, Dr. Lulu Marquez explained why men get "blue balls" and how they can avoid pain and discomfort in their scrotum.

She said that scrotum is a very important part of a man's reproductive system, as this is where the testicles is found. The testicle is the organ where the male hormone testosterone as well as the sperm are produced.

This organ is also very delicate, and as much as possible, men should avoid any form of injury on their scrotum.

According to Marquez, having "blue balls" is part of a person's sexual response. A person's body starts to react as he or she gets aroused and excited. As the heart rate increases, blood rushes to the person's perineal area.

In men, the blood goes to the penis and the scrotal area. Once the man ejaculates or reaches orgasm, the penis and scrotum return to their normal state.

But when the man fails to ejaculate, then he will have "blue balls" and experience pain in his scrotum.

"Kapag nabitin, sinasabi na sumasakit ang puson. Hindi puson ang sumasakit, 'yung scrotum 'yun," the doctor clarified.

Marquez explained that having "blue balls" is normal, and men shouldn't worry about it. as it is very easy to manage, especially if the man is not suffering from any medical condition.

"If you experience blue balls, just relax. You can use an ice pack, or just try to sleep it off. Itulog mo na lang, mawawala din ang sakit," she said.

She also advised a man to masturbate to make blood circulation in his scrotal area go back to normal.

If the penis failed to return to its natural state after four hours, then the person may be suffering from priapism, and should immediately go to the doctor.

What causes scrotal pain

Aside from having too much blood on the scrotum and in the penis, which causes pain, there are other conditions that may cause pain in the scrotal area.

A man can experience pain in his scrotum due to direct injury. Pain can also be caused by bacterial or viral infection in the testicles or in the epididymis.

"Kapag viral infection, katulad ng mumps, hihintayin mo lang na mawala 'yun. Pero you have to manage the fever, otherwise, pwedeng maging baog ang lalaki," she warned.

Variocele is a condition wherein there are enlarged and twisted veins on the scrotum. It is very similar to varicose veins on the leg, and can also cause pain.

Men can also experience pain in their scrotum if they are suffering from hernia, testicular torsion, or if they have kidney stones.

Testicular cancer can also cause pain, but Marquez said this illness is usually painless.