How Filipino doctor beat prostate cancer


Posted at Mar 30 2014 06:16 PM | Updated as of Mar 31 2014 11:44 PM

Dr. Jaime Dy-Liacco

MANILA -- A Filipino doctor has claimed to have survived cancer after only 18 months, without undergoing any medical procedure.

In an interview with Cory Quirino on radio station DZMM on Sunday, Dr. Jaime Dy-Liacco shared how he got over his prostate cancer.

"I was diagnosed in 1994. Lahat naman natatakot kapag sinabihan na may cancer kasi hindi pa sila talaga nakakakuha ng cure for cancer hanggang ngayon," he said.

Dy-Liacco admitted that he was scared that he will die so he started looking for a cure. However, he refused to undergo chemotherapy.

"May study sila sa US, lumalabas na 6% lang ang survival rate ng chemotherapy, and it can only extend your life for five years," Dy-Liacco said, adding that he also did not have enough money to pay for treatment.

"Ang mahal mahal [ng chemotherapy]. We lose our house, we lose our cars, tapos wala din, tepok din. Except for some," he said.

Dy-Liacco then met Dr. William Donald Kelly, a doctor based in Kansas who supposedly developed his own cure for cancer.

According to Dy-Liacco, Kelly was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when he was in his 20s, and was given only one and a half months to live.

"He refused to believe it, at nagbasa siya ng mga medical books," Dy-Liacco told Quirino.

That was when Kelly discovered and developed what he called enzyme therapy for cancer. He was able to cure himself within 18 months.

Kelly remained cancer-free for 43 years, and died of heart attack in 2005.

Dy-Liacco, who has been cancer-free for almost 20 years, said Kelly used the same treatment on him.

"Sabi ni Kelly, cancer is only a nutritional deficiency, and for six months, he filled me up with super nutrition," he explained.

His treatment lasted for 18 months. For the first six months, Kelly fed him nothing but raw food. "Mahirap talaga ang Kelly protocol kasi sino bang gustong kumain ng 100% na hilaw na pagkain?" he noted.

Dy-Liacco said he had to eat raw pancreas of a pig, as well as a cow's raw liver.

"Yung hilaw na lapay ng baboy, puno ng digestive enzymes na nakakatulong magdigest ng pagkain, at mag-digest nung cancer cells," he said.

He had to eat two tablespoons of raw pancreas seven times a day, and three tablespoons of raw liver once a day, along with other raw meats and vegetables.

Dy-Liacco's health improved after the first six months. After this, he was only required to eat 70% raw food, just like the Japanese.

Dy-Liacco also said he had to undergo coffee enema to remove the dead cancer cells inside his body. These dead cells are supposedly toxic, and thus have to be removed.

He noted that coffee enema should be repeated anytime a person feels toxic.

Alternative medicine

Meanwhile, Dy-Liacco gave some of his recommended treatments for common conditions such as blood clots.

Those who have suffered from a stroke, or have blood clots in their veins, have to drink a concoction made from red chili pepper (siling labuyo), eggs and salt.

"Tadtarin 'yung 6 na malaking sili, o 12 maliliit na pulang siling labuyo, ihalo sa 2 hilaw na itlog para mawala ang anghang, at lagyan ng kalahating kutsaritang asin," he said, adding that this should be taken six times a day, every two hours.

The doctor also recommended eating raw banana before taking this concoction to prevent hyperacidity.

Those who want to protect themselves from cancer can take two tablespoons of raw pancreas together with their meal.

"Kung hindi kayang kainin, pwedeng ihalo sa ibang pagkain at i-blender. Basta kailangan hilaw," he said.

Dy-Liacco conducts seminars and consultations for those who want to try alternative treatment for common illneses and conditions.