Want to get fit? Eat more, exercise less


Posted at Mar 12 2014 06:44 PM | Updated as of Mar 13 2014 07:15 PM

MANILA – Model-actor turned fitness consultant Edward Mendez is encouraging Filipinos to eat more and exercise less if they want to lose unnecessary fat and gain more muscle.

After testing it for himself and getting a lean physique, Mendez now actively promotes this fitness principle by holding classes and writing a book titled “Your Dream Body Come True.”

In an interview on “[email protected]” on Wednesday, Mendez said the key to getting a strong and lean body is eating healthy food often and having quick, intense workouts.

He observed how a lot of people tend to exercise too much and starve themselves in an effort to slim down.

“Don’t starve yourself because if you do that, the thyroid gland will sense that there is no food coming in. The metabolism will go down and the fat, which is considered reserve energy, will be stored and will become more stubborn to burn,” he explained.

“That’s the common problem – they keep losing weight but they’re not satisfied with the shape of their bodies because they’re not really losing fat, they’re also losing muscles,” he explained.

“Most people like to train two to three hours in the gym,” he added. “The problem with that kind of regimen is they’re damaging their bodies more. And when they do that, muscles are being eaten up and the metabolism also goes down.”

One of Mendez’ clients or “jedis” as he calls them is “[email protected]” host Pinky Webb, who attested to the intensity and effectiveness of his program.

Referring to Webb, he said: “Not only is she getting thinner but she is also getting strong. She started with the squats, now she is doing [more intense workouts].”

Mendez said that with his program, results can easily be seen after three months. His basic tips for a “dream body” include eating healthy food every three hours, working out for a total of four hours a week, and giving the body enough time to rest.

“You do cardio in one day for 23 minutes and you’re done. The next day, you do weight training for 45 minutes and then you’re done. So that’s three days of weight lifting and three days of cardio,” he said. “You focus more on nutrition. It’s 70% nutrition and 30% training.”

“You have to rest also. If you work out almost every day doing weight training or running, you’re not giving the body enough time to repair. Because every time you step into the gym, you’re damaging your body. You got to give your body some rest to complete the repair of the muscles. When you do that, that’s when you burn fat and shape your body up,” he added.

Mendez also advised those who want to get fit to avoid stress as much as possible.

“You have to control your stress level. Stress is the main culprit to weight gain and many other health complications. If you’re not stressed, you can easily burn fat and gain muscles,” he said.