EDSA I revisited in Pulitzer Prize winner exhibit


Posted at Feb 22 2011 04:20 PM | Updated as of Feb 23 2011 12:35 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Seeing her face on a photo showing nuns facing tanks, Sr. Vilma Masinada recalled those dangerous moments during EDSA I People Power Revolution.

"It was scary. I was driving the jeepney. We have to bring wet towels and water. There were helicopters everywhere. We thought that maybe this was the end of my life," Sr. Vilma recalled while viewing a photo exhibit.

But thanks to a miracle, the soldiers changed their minds. They did not drop the bomb that could have killed them.

The photo of Sr. Vilma and other nuns forming the first line of defense against the soldiers was taken by photojournalist Kim Komenich, who covered the 1986 People Power Revolution for the San Francisco Examiner that time.

"This was the most important assignment of my life," said Komenich.

A year after that assignment, he won the 1987 Pulitzer Prize for spot news photography for his EDSA I photos.


President Benigno Aquino III views a photo of his mother, the late President Corazon Aquino, taken by Kim Komenich. Credit: Robert Viñas/Malacanang Photo Bureu


About 90 of Komenich's photos are currently on exhibit at the Ayala Museum in a show entitled "Revolution Revisited" ongoing until March 5.

"This was an opportunity for me to go back," Komenich said.

The photos show various images of the revolution: Filipinos anxiously gathering on EDSA, former President Ferdinand Marcos wiping the sweat off his brow, and former President Corazon "Cory" Aquino buckling down to work shortly after she took over the presidency.


President Benigno Aquino III (middle) receives a token from photojournalist Kim Komenich (right) during the launching of "Revolution Revisited" photo exhibit at Ayala Museum. Looking on is Ayala Corporation Chairman Emeritus Jaime Zobel de Ayala. Credit: Ryan Lim/Malacanang Photo Bureau


Komenich gave one of his photos of President Cory to her son, President Benigno Aquino III, as a gift.

"We have inspired other nations to unite. Let these be reminders of our responsibilities," Aquino said on Monday night at the opening of the exhibit.

About half of Filipinos today were still young children then or were not born yet during the 1986 EDSA I People Power Revolution. Komenich's photos serve as a testament that nothing is impossible when people unite. -- Report by Jacque Manabat, ABS-CBN News