The things you 'hear' in the Ateneo

By Karen Flores,

Posted at Feb 22 2010 05:07 PM | Updated as of Feb 24 2010 06:57 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Being a part of the "Overheard at the Ateneo de Manila University" Facebook group is like hanging out at your own bench: an overly extended one.

The recently-formed group has served as a haven for Ateneans who want to take a break from their busy schedules and reconnect with friends, both old and new.

Here, students from different batches post "the good, the bad, the epic, the WTFs [What The F#@!] and the FTWs [for the win]."

Popular topics include professors' quotes during class, everyday encounters with blockmates, cheesy pick-up lines, and favorite hangouts.

'Overheard' craze

It has yet to be seen as to where this "Overheard" craze all started. The earliest sign of this trend that I know of, however, is "Overheard in the Newsroom."

The web page, which was created in December 2008, provides snippets of conversations heard in newsrooms across the globe.

Since then, it has attracted thousands of people in the journalism profession, including myself.

Now, it's impossible not to see an "Overheard" page for every school, workplace, or establishment not just here in the Philippines, but in other parts of the world.

It was Migoy Lizada, who was apparently a batchmate, who thought of creating the "Overheard at the Ateneo de Manila University" group. Looking at his Facebook page, he is currently a research scholar at the National University of Singapore.

Back in the Ateneo, he was a lecturer at the university's English department.

Campus bloopers

Just like everyone else, Ateneans have a knack for cracking jokes. Here are some hilarious posts from "Overheard in the Ateneo de Manila University:"

From Kirk Plata:

Three guy blockmates talking about a girl blockmate's turtleneck top:
Guy 1: Grabe tignan ninyo si *insert girl's name here.* Naka-turtleneck eh ang init naman.
Guy 2: Oo nga eh, mukha naman siyang pagong.
Guy 3: Ahhhh...Ganun pala ang hitsura ng turtleneck.

From Diega Villanueva:

During INTACT (Introduction to Ateneo Culture and Tradition) Class:
Faci: Sa huli, ito lang ang itatanong natin sa ating mga sarili: WHAT HAPPEN?
*sinulat sa whiteboard -- WHAT HAPPEN?*
Student: Sir, what happen?
Faci: Oo, WHAT HAPPEN? Ano ba ang nangyayari? Present tense, hindi past, kasi kailangan continuous ang ating reflection.

From Nicole dela Cruz:

Theo 121 class:
Guy prof: When Jesus died, did the Trinity become a pair? You know, parang, umalis na si Beyonce, natira si Kelly at Michelle. Ganun ba yun?

From Aisa de la Cruz:

Common banter:
Blockmate A: Saan tayo kakain?
Blockmate B: Sa plato.

From Martin San Pablo:

Sir Lozada: What did the US bring to the Philippines?
Student: Entertainment!
Sir Lozada: Isa kang alamat *palakpak*

From Carl Justine Apale:

Overheard at McDo Katipunan (while lining up)
Girl in front of me: Kuya, may WiFi po ba kayo dito?
Person at the counter: Ay ma'am wala po. *serious face*. Apple pie lang po yung meron. Willing to wait po ba kayo for five minutes?

Fr. Dacanay quotes

Aside from jokes and pick-up lines, there have also been several posts involving Fr. Adolfo Dacanay, SJ, who used to be my professor in Theology 131: Marriage, Family Life, and Human Sexuality.

Strict, funny, and brilliant, Fr. Dacanay is considered as one of the university's "living legends."

Here are some quotes from Fr. Dacanay's classes, as posted in the "Overheard at the Ateneo de Manila University" Facebook page:

From Chrizaldy Neil C. Manibo:

In one of Fr. Dacanay's TH 131, classes, Fr. saw someone wearing shorts (which is forbidden in his class).
Fr. Dacanay: What are you doing in my class? You're naked! I feel like Yahweh seeing Adam for the first time.

From Quito Nitura:

Fr. Dacanay: Now, I don't mean to say that the more you have sex, the more saved you are! If you say that, then I will object to that! Where does it leave me?? *pause* If that were true, then Rosanna Roces or Hugh Hefner would be the most saved persons in the world.

From Yna Bote:

*Fr Dacanay discusses sexual intercourse and draws a "penis" in the form of a rectangle with a slit in the middle*
Girl *raises her hand*: Father, is that a penis?
Fr. Dacanay: Of course it's a penis! What did you think it was...A WHALE? -- Report by Karen Flores,


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