Ask Me Love: Love Pointers of the Hopeful Romantic

by Anne De Jesus Portugal

Posted at Feb 14 2014 08:41 PM | Updated as of Feb 15 2014 04:41 AM

"Ask Me Love: Love Pointers of the Hopeful Romantic" promotes loving oneself while fighting for the right love. It features a little bit of poetry and some sensible words to live by. It's the kind of book that will make you want to believe in the possibility of genuine love.

True Love: An Aimless Quest?

As it is with all things lost, you can only find what you’re looking for if you actually know what it is you’re looking for.

This is where most of us fail in the quest for true love. We search endlessly for something that we only have an idea about— which is why we think we’ve found true love in every non-platonic relationship we fall into. We build our notions based on our far-fetched expectations and (sometimes) exaggerated hopes about our happily-ever-after that most of the time only end with a tearful goodbye.

The reality is… we do not know the totality of what true love is. We have ideas, beliefs and convincing principles but true love is not exact. We cannot define it point blank and can more accurately identify it as what it’s not.
So what is it not, exactly?

It is not a struggle— not for attention nor for time. When someone loves you, being with you becomes a priority. You never have to beg for him (or her) to notice your existence; he already knows you’re his life.

It is not deceitful. A prolonged lie pierces deeper than a brutal truth.

It is not hard to fall in love. To stay in love though, now that’s difficult… but you’d rather stay than stray around looking for something you’ve already found once.

True love is not violent— with words nor with actions. A sadistic environment can cause irreversible damage to the heart. We search for nurturing, caring and growth.

Let us not forget that although love is sometimes painful, it does not require us to abandon our respect (and love) for ourselves.

It’s not all about him (or her). It’s about you too. It’s about achieving each of your individual goals and achieving the ones you have together.

When love is genuine, it’s not hard to be happy. Most of the time, you just are. Also, it is not easy to find but we search for it nonetheless.

What it’s not, what it is, where it’s found, where it’s not found - the answers are all relative and frankly, the truth about true love is—people don’t always know what it is until it already was