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Tha Good Life - by John Paul "JP" Tanchanco

Posted at Feb 12 2013 03:12 AM | Updated as of Feb 12 2013 11:12 AM

MANILA - Did you know that you can attract more money, success, love and health by putting feng shui charms in your house or office?

I was able to visit Maritess Allen's World of Feng Shui store at Serendra, Fort Global City to find out more about her feng shui charms for the Year of the Snake.

World of Feng Shui

World of Feng Shui (WOFS) is an international retail franchise brand that feng shui expert Maritess Allen introduced to the Philippines.

JP Tanchanco, Alma Durana, Brian Tanchanco

The brand was founded by a feng shui TV personality and businesswoman from Malaysia named Lilian Too. Maritess Allen grabbed the opportunity of introducing the store to the Philippines after receiving direct training from Too 8 years ago.

The store that's in 18 cities worldwide sells merchandise and charms aimed at enhancing people's lives in the areas of love, health, wealth, career and luck.

According to store supervisor Alma Durana, many Filipinos and non-Chinese clients patronize their store.

"You don't have to be Chinese to benefit from feng shui. We have alot of Pinoys and foreign clients who buy our feng shui items," she said.

She also said that their items have helped many people improve their lives.

"Our items work for everyone who wish for love, health, wealth and career," said Durana.

Each charm WOFS is placed in a Singing Bowl for charging

Feng Shui Charms

Durana explained to me that there are numerous lucky charms that one can put in one's house and office to improve specific areas of life.

According to reports from modern-day psychologists, feng shui is effective because it uses the power of subconscious symbolism. Positive symbols and items can help people embody positive mental attitudes that bring about fulfillment of desires.

Here are some charms I was able to check out.


I'm sure many Love charms are popular during Valentine's. WOFS says these charms can help enhance romantic wishes.

Double Happiness with Peony

According to Durana, the Double Happiness with Peony and Mandarin duck charms enhance romance, luck and ensures a happy relationship.

Mandarin Ducks


I believe health is wealth and is important. When one has perfect health, one can easily achieve and enjoy the other aspects of life such as love, career and wealth. WOFS has several items that can enhance one's health.

Wu Lou with deer crane and bamboo

Durana explained that the Wu Lou with Deer Crane and Bamboo brings good health, long life and protects you from sickness.

The Medicine Buddha Plaque, on the other hand, is known as the healing Buddha that restores vitality and gives healing.

Medicine Buddha


They also have several success charms such as the Victory Warrior Flag and the Tortoise.

Victory Warrior Flag

"The Victory Warrior Flag is placed next to the desk to invite luck for victory," explained Durana.


"The Tortoise success charm is used to enhance luck for career oriented wishes," she added.


I think attracting more wealth and money will always be a popular wish. The store has several items that attract abundant fortune and money.

Bejewelled Tree with Charms

Durana explained that the Bejewelled Tree with charms and the Dzambhala water fountain are for those who want to harness the prosperity and growth opportunities during the year of the water snake.

Dzambhala water fountain to enhance wealth luck

So, for those of you who want to affirm the best love, health, wealth and success this year of the water snake, visit World of Feng Shui.

JP Tanchanco holding the Snake with Coins attracting Infinite Money, Prosperity, Peace, Vibrant Health and Harmony

World of Feng Shui branches are at Glorietta 4 (818-8858), SM North EDSA (442-0113), SM Mall of Asia (556-0615), Serendra Piazza (659-2405), SM Mega Mall (470-7661), and Cash and Carry (736 0512).

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