Be kind to snakes, PETA activists say


Posted at Feb 08 2013 10:28 PM | Updated as of Feb 11 2013 07:02 PM

Animal rights activists, painted to look like snakes, demonstrate in Chinatown, Manila on Friday in time for Chinese New Year celebrations. The stunt is an awareness campaign on the cruelty behind the use of animal skin for various consumer goods as the Chinese welcome the Year of the Snake. Photo by Lito Diaz for

MANILA, Philippines - In celebration of the year of the snake, members of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) on Friday took to the streets their call for the humane treatment of snakes.

Covered with body paint to resemble the appearance of snakes, PETA campaigners said their protest in the streets of Manila is a fun, creative, and provocative way to send an important message.

"This year we celebrate the year of the snake. We say we celebrate the year for the snakes by boycotting exotic skins," PETA campaigner Janna Sevilla told ABS-CBN News.

She said snakes have to endure "unspeakable cruelty" just so fashion industries can make bags, shoes and belts.

"Snakes are skinned alive, they are dumped with boiling water so their skins and organs would separate," she said.

Sevilla also said that other fashion companies have already heeded their call by banning the use of exotic skins to manufacture their products.

"We appeal for companies to stop using exotic skins in their collections. Many companies have already banned the use of exotic skins. Animal cruelty is never fasionable," she said.