Sunflower seen as cheap alternative organic fertilizer


Posted at Feb 05 2009 01:40 AM | Updated as of Feb 05 2009 10:42 AM

BAGUIO CITY - The Baguio Country Club is taking the lead in promoting among the locals the use of an alternative, economical fertilizer after experiencing a 60-percent cut from the company’s fertilizer expenditures.

As of June last year, the company, which maintains a 27-hectare property, uses sunflower as a natural fertilizer to preserve the beauty of their golf courses.

"It’s because we wanted to save kasi eh… this project has contributed immensely in cutting down expenditures," said Romy Chua, grounds director of the country club.

According to experts, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are the essential minerals required to make a complete fertilizer. Sunflower is known to have these minerals.

Its flowers, leaves and branches are crushed and composted for two weeks to one month and sprinkled with water to make sunflower tea suitable for areas intended to be kept flat.

The company believes that the locals should take advantage of the sunflower’s benefits instead of seeing it as garbage.

"I noticed…. Even ordinary persons can use this to save," said Roger Delia, a gardener of Baguio Country Club.