How Iza Calzado's boyfriend helped her lose weight

By Rose Carmelle Lacuata,

Posted at Feb 03 2014 10:15 PM | Updated as of Feb 04 2014 09:41 AM

MANILA -- Actress Iza Calzado, host of the reality show "The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition: Doubles," revealed that her boyfriend helped her battle obesity.

In an interview on ANC "Headstart" on Monday, Calzado shared how she lost weight and how a man she met inspired her to stay fit.

"It’s difficult because growing up, you get teased by boys. Girls are a little nicer, but boys can be tough and rough,” she said.

When she was in high school, she became more conscious about her weight because she liked boys. She turned to desperate measures such as starvation diets just to lose weight.

“Mahilig ako sa boys kaya lang type nila ako as a friend. Tuwang-tuwa sila sa akin as a friend. I wanted to win them over pero hindi ako ‘yung nagugustuhan nila. Or kung may nagkagusto, they then back off. So you think either pinagtripan lang or they realized… nabagok ‘yung ulo or something,” she said.

Despite having achieved her ideal body, Calzado admitted that she sometimes suffers from insecurity.

“I still have my insecurities sometimes. You know, I work out so much and I still don’t have the body of Anne Curtis. It’s not fair,” she said in jest.

Knowing that there is no short cut to a fit and healthy body, Calzado said fitness is a very important part of her life.

She said her current boyfriend helped her a lot in maintaining her fitness.

“I met a guy whose family is very into health and fitness also, and they inspired me. I started working out a lot and I got into running and I started choosing healthier alternatives,” she said.

Calzado is talking about Ben Wintle, her boyfriend of two years. Wintle is an entrepreneur, sportsman, and co-founder of a match-making website.

When asked about their plans in the future, the "Biggest Loser" host said she does not want to preempt anything.