Year of the Wooden Horse: Tips for businesses

By Rose Carmelle Lacuata,

Posted at Jan 30 2014 11:27 PM | Updated as of Jan 31 2014 07:17 PM

MANILA - Which businesses will be lucky or will face challenges in the Year of the Wooden Horse?

Feng shui expert Maritess Allen, in an interview on "Shop Talk," explained that the fortune of businesses is based on the elements they are associated with.

She said industries like construction companies, hotels, and insurance companies are under the earth element.

"These industries will experience difficulties, their growth stunted. I suggest they avoid investments (this year)," Allen said.

Meanwhile, Allen said businesses that fall under the metal element -- such as airlines, jewelry companies, and computer companies -- will experience innovation and expansion issues.

"Marami nang innovations, mahihirapan na silang makahanap ng bago," she said.

The agriculture industry, publishing companies, and other businesses related to natural resources are under the wood element. These will suffer from shortage of supply usually due to weather-related problems, Allen said.

Industries under the fire element, such as the stock market, lighting companies, the entertainment industry and restaurants will be very competitive this year, she said. Opportunities will arise along with competitiveness.

Allen said industries under the element of water will suffer from obstacles. These companies, such as banks, transport and fishing companies, will have difficulties in large investments, but will benefit from smaller investments.

In general, businesses will have a challenging time, Allen said. She explained that this is because of two elements lacking this year -- earth and water.

"The elements of fire and wood will be very strong, but we cannot put a lot of water for it will put out the fire," she said.

The Year of the Wooden Horse will not only be challenging for businesses, but it will also be a bit problematic for individuals, Allen said.

She said most animal signs will have health-related problems.

"I suggest practicing feng shui, but feng shui should be practiced properly and personally. It should also be taken holistically," she said.

Luck and animal signs

Allen said some animal signs need to take it easy this year, while some should be very aggressive.

"For the sheep-born and monkey-born, this is your year," she said.

According to Allen, this year is the worst for those born under the sign of the rat, as well as those born under the signs of the dog and the boar.

"Dog, boar, and rat-born should take it easy. There should be less investments, avoid lending money, and do a lot of charity. They should also try doing something auspicious like getting married, having a baby, or getting a girlfriend to counter the bad luck," she said.