Woman promises sex for 1M Facebook 'likes': report


Posted at Jan 22 2013 04:25 PM | Updated as of Jan 23 2013 12:25 AM

MANILA, Philippines – A woman from Norway shocked Internet users all over the world after she reportedly agreed to sleep with her male friend if he gets a million “likes” on Facebook.

According to a report from New York Daily News, it all started when Petter Kverneng posted a photo on the social media site last January 18.

The photo showed him with Cathrine Johansen, his high school crush, with the man holding a sign that read: “Cathrine says that if I can get 1M ‘likes’ she will have sex with me. Please share and like.”

Petter Kverneng (right) posted this viral photo with Johansen on Facebook.

The photo immediately went viral online and was picked up by several news sites such as MSN, which reported that it has reached over 1.3 million “likes.”

Comments on the photo posted on blogs and news websites ranged from supportive to horrified.

"So the new way to pay prostitutes is with Facebook likes?" said user aj0055 on MSN.

"Okay, I'm an old lady raised in an era when we had morals (at least in public, anyway). You want to sleep with her, marry her. Problem solved," added user oldcountrygal.

"Good luck buddy," said user mark propst.

Citing an interview with the local press, Gawker reported that Kverneng, 20, said the photo “was meant as a joke for our group of friends.”

He added that he and Johansen plan to “keep what we promised,” although they are concerned about what her parents would say.

Kverneng’s plan was said to be inspired by the five siblings who got over 2.6 million Facebook users to “like” a photo of themselves holding up a sign requesting for a family dog.