Poll shows how guests select hotels


Posted at Jan 21 2013 03:36 PM | Updated as of Jan 21 2013 11:36 PM

MANILA, Philippines – It seems that reviews from blogs and travel websites such as TripAdvisor are not as influential, as shown in a poll that looked at how guests around the world select a hotel.

Only 2.9% of the 40,000 respondents to the poll conducted by Market Metrix last year said “positive online reviews” is one of the main reasons they choose a particular hotel.

This makes it the third least important factor in hotel selection, according to the poll.

Location remains the first thing that travelers across the globe consider when choosing a hotel, with 30.2% of respondents. This is followed by price with 15.7%, and past experience with 11.9%.

Seven-and-a-half percent of the respondents said they go to a particular hotel because it was “someone else’s choice,” which ranked fourth, followed by “recommendation by friend or colleague” (6.8%), “reputation of hotel or brand” (5.5%), “special promotion” (5%), “convention or event location” (4%), and “loyalty program points/rewards” (3.8%).

Reasons not included in the poll, or “other,” got 3.3% of respondents, higher than “positive online reviews” at 2.9%.

The two least important factors that travelers consider, as shown in the survey, are “special amenities, facilities or services” (2.7%) and “hotel’s green program” (0.5%).

The Market Metrix poll includes data from 40,000 American, European and Asian travelers in 2012.