Red, black or white? Feng shui expert lists 'lucky' car colors


Posted at Jan 20 2012 01:07 PM | Updated as of Jan 20 2012 09:09 PM

Some of the cars in Ford's new Fiesta range come in "lucky" colors.

MANILA, Philippines - Are you planning to buy a car in the Year of the Water Dragon, which will begin next week? You may want to get one in white.

White is a "very trendy" color for automobiles this coming Lunar New Year as it symbolizes purity and liveliness, according to feng shui master Todsaporn Sritula. He said the color represents the power of Yang (half of the Chinese Yin Yang symbol), which means brightness and goodness.

An orange car, on the other hand, may bring warmth and inspiration, Sritula said, while a red one "will play an important part in every major event, auspicious occasion and new beginning."

Sritula said a silver automobile can suit anyone because it "has a moderate power," while gold is a favorable color as it represents wealth and prosperity.

A blue car, meanwhile, brings in energy and tranquility, while black is best suited for people who were born on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night, he said.

Auto makers are currently offering cars not only in several models, but also in a variety of colors. Ford, for one has its new Fiesta range in "lucky" colors.

Hong Kong-based feng shui master Joseph Chau Kam Ching recently gave a list of "lucky" colors for the Year of the Water Dragon. These, he said, are gold, silver, white, sky blue, green, pink, violet, peach, orange, beige, yellow and brown.

The Year of the Water Dragon will begin on January 23 and will end on February 3, 2013. Feng shui experts have stressed that while it is good to rely on ancient Chinese beliefs, one must still work hard to get ahead in life.