'If I win the lotto jackpot prize, I will...'

By Patrick Quintos, ABS-CBNnews.com

Posted at Jan 17 2014 11:20 AM | Updated as of Jan 17 2014 10:50 PM

MANILA - Feeling lucky?

The jackpot prize for the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office's (PCSO) Grand Lotto draw, which is scheduled for Saturday, could to rise to more than P130 million.

This is after no winner was drawn during the 6/55 Grand Lotto draw Wednesday night. The total jackpot prize Wednesday reached P129,504,636.

The next draw will be on Saturday night.

While chances of hitting a lotto jackpot prize are one in many millions, lots of people are still lining up at the nearest outlets to try their luck.

On Thursday night "TV Patrol" asked on Facebook and Twitter: "Kung manalo ka sa mahigit P130-M Grand Lotto jackpot, saan o paano mo ito gagastusin?"

Here are some of the many ways netizens would cut the jackpot prize:

And on Facebook, Meldy Samson Ringor showed everyone he can really do the math with the lotto jackpot prize:

"Tig 20Million bawat isa sa pamilya ko (my 3 kids, husband, at ako syempre!)...5 million sa charity (education at bahay ampunan) + 2million sa mga friends na nangagailangan + 2 million sa kapitbahay/kakilala as balato + 16 million for business/investments + 5 million time deposit sa banko para sa mga magiging apo in the future. Harinawa. Lord. Please!"

Sometimes, P130 million can be just too much for charitable people, especially for these netizens who would rather prioritize the needs of others:

Any volunteers for Conicancisio?



Some people are so generous that you wouldn't even like their ideas, just like this one:

But Facebook user Ryan Andrew Ronquillo Encarnacion is a bit skeptical about the generosity showed by those who answered the "TV Patrol" poll, saying money tends to make people blind.

"Lumang tugtugin na yan tutulong sa mahirap,simbahan at kung saan-saan hindi ako naniniwala sa mga sinasabi nila. Sa gawa na kikita yan hindi muna kailangan sabihin...pag nanalo na ang tao nalilimutan ang lahat lalo na ang mga ipinangako sa dami ng pera hindi alam kung ano ang gagawin at bibilhin," Encanrancion said.

Of course if you have more than P130 million, you can buy anything you want. Will you buy these things too?

Yes, with P130 million you can buy almost anything--like One Direction and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas?

Or your neighbor?

Kidding aside, some netizens mean serious business if they will be lucky to win the Grand Lotto Jackpot prize:

And when it comes to business, we can say Facebook user Dante Cacanindin Ferrer is aiming to venture into a good one.

"Negosyo.. Investments, bibilhin ko ang PLDT, MERALCO!" he said.

Speaking of plans, this looks like a good one too, in behalf of those who are complaining about the looming power rate hike.

And while many parents wish their children think like Aldeeyah:

I can just settle with a neighbor like Tessa.

If you would win the P130-million Grand Lotto jackpot, what would you do?