Netizens' Top 10 annoying karaoke songs

By Paul Henson,

Posted at Jan 16 2014 07:35 PM | Updated as of Jan 18 2014 04:50 AM

Many of us have had this experience: You’re about to retire to bed, looking forward to a good night’s sleep when you’re suddenly roused by a racket in your neighborhood.

It’s not a domestic squabble but the wailing noises of someone belting out a tune, usually way off-key, in the neighborhood karaoke joint. It’s a grating sound that travels great distances and penetrates the thickest of walls.

Top of mind as most annoying karaoke song is ‘My Way’ that has sparked many drunken brawls in karaoke joints in the country. Fortunately for Filipina caregiver Rose Fostanes, she broke the jinx and bagged the X-Factor Israel title with that contentious karaoke classic.

With this in mind, we asked netizens, “Paboritong karaoke song ng mga Pilipino ang ‘My Way.’ Ito rin ang kantang nagpapanalo kay Rose Fostanes sa ‘X-Factor Israel.’ Ngunit may mga #karaokesong na nakakairita rin. Ano ito para sa iyo?”

Harden not your hearts for the winner by a landslide is ‘Pusong Bato.’ At least 1 in 4 said this is the most irritating song for them.

Many of the songs that made the list are actually very creative with catchy melodies, but imagine it sung over and over again by a tone deaf, intoxicated person and you’ll see why it can get really annoying.

A lot of those on the list are love songs with subjects running the gamut, from a lover turned cold, whirlwind love affairs, to the cheesy love that will weather all storms.

There’s also a unique selection of songs with food titles but, perhaps, really have nothing to do with the actual food.

So here’s the list of most annoying karaoke songs from netizens’ feedback:

1. Pusong Bato - There’s something about its simple melody and lyrics and the subject of rejected love that many karaoke patrons find hard to resist: "‘Di mo alam dahil sa yo/ Ako'y ‘di makakain/ ‘Di rin makatulog/ Buhat nang iyong lokohin/ Kung ako'y muling iibig/ Sana'y ‘di maging katulad mo/ Tulad mo na may pusong bato." This song has been remade into so many versions including a beki and jologs version.

2. Laklak – Surprisingly one of the rare rock songs to make the list, this one is not about addiction to love but to alcohol, best sung with a hoarse voice, the raspier, the better.

3. Aray - Another song about the pain of a broken heart when your lover suddenly goes frigid on you, hence, aray, or in English, ouch.

4. ‘Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin – This one goes a step further as far as betrayed lovers go. The singer first recalls his sweetest memories with his partner, then dives into the depths of dejection by saying he can’t go on living without his lover.

5. Novelty food songs like Jumbo Hotdog, Buko, Picha Pie – Somehow, there’s more to these songs than just being about processed meats, young coconuts and fast-food items.

6. Isang Linggong Pag-ibig – This is like the ’12 Days of Christmas’ of whirlwind love affairs: met on a Monday, professed love on Wednesday and Thursday, consummated love on Friday, fought on Saturday and broke up on Sunday.

7. Tukso – There’s one song on the list that’s not about the rejected lover. This one’s about the partner trying to resist temptation and sin that have broken apart many happy homes and have wounded many hearts.

8. My Love Will See You Through – If you want a song about a love that’s true and ideal, this is the one for you. As the lyric goes: "When the road seems so long and endless and everything seems so dark … my love will see you through."

9. Otso-Otso – This song starts as a morning perk me up, transitions into an arithmetic tutorial then leads to someplace else.

10. Hotel California, et. al. - A collection of neoclassic songs in English like Hotel California, Skyline Pigeon, Delilah and On This Day – These are songs which will take you on a flight from your neighborhood karaoke joint to distant lands, dark dessert highways, over greenfields and forest fountains.