New Twitter meme satirizes uber rich

by Ivy Jean Vibar,

Posted at Jan 12 2012 11:38 AM | Updated as of Jan 12 2012 11:58 PM

MANILA, Philippines - A day after a demolition of informal settler residences in San Juan City became violent and activists decried the dispersal of protesters and residents, Filipino economic differences were highlighted in a Twitter meme.

#Conyo_Problems trended this morning, at fourth place as of posting time, due to people making jokes about what they deem trivial problems of the uber rich, the "unfair" way these people wield power and money, and their alleged poor grammar.

The jokes ranged from cute ("Daddy! The bullies bullied me. Can you just make call the Justice League to fight with them?") to downright mean ("Yaya, I need to wee wee and the CR is too far. Can you make nganga na lang?").

While some said the jokes made their day, others decried the portrayal of “yayas” or househelp in the jokes. “All these mentions of yaya in #conyo_problems are not funny,” said user @jacjimeno.

@chuck_buzz however, said, “Reading the #conyoproblems tweets. It scares me a bit that some of the tweets do not seem like conyo problems to me.”

A variation of the meme, #conyoproblems, said by some users to be the “original,” is also circulating on Twitter. Other derivatives include #squatterproblems and #commonerproblems.

The meme hashtags are also used by people to poke fun at themselves, for having problems that seem trivial compared to more serious issues plaguing people of less financial means.

There are accounts on Twitter that pose as those of “conyo” young adults, and regularly tweet “conyo” jokes such as @Conyo_Problems,@conyoproblems and @conyogirlfriend.

“Conyo” is slang for often very spoiled people of any age group who have a lot of money to burn. It is believed to have been derived from a Spanish term for female genitalia, which is also used as a curse word.

This image has gone viral: "Ten Conyo-mandments" by