How to make flood water clean enough to drink


Posted at Jan 08 2014 05:08 PM | Updated as of Jan 09 2014 01:24 AM

MANILA -- It is now possible to drink flood water thanks to a new product that conveniently purifies soiled water for human consumption.

Appearing on ANC's "Green Living," Nic Caronina of Veeop Global showed off the new invention LifeStraw, a microbiological water purifier, which is being promoted as a possible solution in case of water shortages in the future.

Carolina noted how some poor municipalities have been relying on deep well water, which he claimed is not safe.

"Anybody can survive without food, but definitely we cannot survive without water," he said, adding that the goal is to have a more sustainable way to source water in next years.

LifeStraw comes comes in three different types: Personal LifeStraw, which is for individual use can produce up to 1,000 liters of water and can last for a year and a half; the Family LifeStraw, which an 18,000 liter capacity and can be used by up to five people; and the LifeStraw Community, which can produce up to 100,000 liters of drinking water.

Water from the air

Meanwhile, the show hosted by Paolo Abrera also featured the Waterboy, an atmospheric water generation machine, which produces a "pure clean, water" from the atmosphere.

Greenfocus Inc. chief executive Wade Bodlovic explained that a "dew point" is created within the machine, which results in the production of water.

"What we do is we have a cooling coil inside our machine. We suck in the air from the atmosphere. When it hits the cooling coil, it creates a dew point and it essentially rains inside of the machine," he said.

Waterboy is designed for home and office use and can produce an average of 18 to 20 liters per day, depending on the location.

“We like to say stop buying water and start making it,” Bodlovic said.