How Kris's son Josh lost over 90 lbs


Posted at Jan 07 2013 07:13 PM | Updated as of Jan 08 2013 08:32 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Actress-host Kris Aquino, dubbed as the country’s “Queen of All Media,” proudly announced that her eldest son Josh lost over 90 pounds in less than a year.

“Proud na proud kami talaga because in 2012 – actually when we think of it ‘di ba talagang nag-start lang seriously ng February, after my birthday – so roughly in 11 months, Josh was able to lose more than 90 pounds,” Aquino said in a taped episode of her morning show on ABS-CBN, “Kris TV” which aired on Monday.

The man responsible for Josh’s weight loss is Chappy Callanta, owner and head coach of 360 Fitness Club in Makati. Callanta made a specialized program for Josh which is centered on helping the 17-year-old lose weight.

“Before, we just wanted to make him move better, just make him more functional,” he said. “And then, of course, after that, we wanted him to lose weight.”

“And now, mas nagiging technical na kami, that’s why we do a lot of runs,” Callanta added. “We’re planning to do swimming also. We’re actually planning to [have him] compete in a triathlon.”

During the episode, Aquino could not help but express her gratitude to Callanta, saying her son lost 10 inches off his waist.

“This is the first time na ang clothes ni Josh kaya na naming bumili off the rack. Last year, noong nasa New York kami, size 46 ang pantalon niya. Now, 36 kasya ang waistline. And size large na ang mga shirts,” she said.

With the intense workout, Callanta plans to make Josh weigh below 200 lbs. Aquino, however, said she is happy if her son reaches 205 lbs.

Josh, who has a height of 6-foot-2, currently weighs 227 lbs.

“Sports car ang pinromise ko ‘pag nag-205 si Josh,” Aquino said.


On the “Kris TV” episode, Callanta showed Aquino what Josh does during his workout, which is done five times a week.

After a short prayer, Josh does a series of warm-up exercises – eight counts each of squats, reaching of toes, knees and shoulders, claps (front and back, up and down), jumping jacks and burpees.

He then does 25 kettlebell swings, five counts of step-ups on a platform while carrying dumbbells, and another five counts of lifting weights.

After this, Josh heads to the Jungle Gym for suspension training.

The warm-up ends with 10 jumping jacks.

“He does it around three times,” Callanta said.


Josh’s real workout starts as he is handed a huge tire, which weighs around 100 pounds. He needs to flip it 10 times.

He then gets down on his knees to do the “plank” position for 30 seconds which, Callanta said, is “good exercise for abdominals.”

This is followed by a series of push-ups and pull-ups, then Josh is made to push another heavy tire to the other side of the room.

After one round, Callanta adds weights to the tire to make Josh push harder.

To cool down, Callanta makes Josh do jumping jacks and stretching.

“For someone like him, a boy, we try to do it every day. Five times a week. But if you’re an older person, pwedeng three times a week,” the trainer said.

Meanwhile, Aquino stressed that Josh’s diet also helped a lot in his weight loss, saying it is best to eat healthy and stay away from soda and artificial fruit juices.

Callanta, for his part, said rest is also crucial when it comes to workouts.

“[You need] 7 hours of sleep para makapag-exercise [nang maayos],” he said, adding, “Eight or more if younger.”