Bo Sanchez tells married couples: Sex is important


Posted at Jan 06 2014 12:27 PM | Updated as of Jan 06 2014 08:27 PM

Bo Sanchez

MANILA – Well-known preacher and bestselling author Bo Sanchez reminded married couples that they should always make time for sex, stressing that it is “very important.”

Sanchez made the statement as some married couples tend to have less time for intimacy because of their respective schedules at work.

In a recent interview on ANC’s “Headstart,” Sanchez said he once gathered all the married couples during one of his preaching sessions to tell them about the importance of sex in a relationship.

“For me, it’s (sex) important,” he said. “There was one Sunday when I said, okay, single people, we’re going to put you in another room. And all the married people, stay with me. I then spoke about married sex.”

“Because there are days when you would rather sleep than have sex. But no, you should make a decision that ‘this is my way of showing love to my spouse. This is a priority.’ And you know, after you do it, you say, ‘wow, thank God we’re married. I love this woman,’” he added.

While he openly discusses topics like sex unlike other preachers, Sanchez stressed that this should only be done by married couples because it is “a gift from God.”

“Sex was made by God for marriage, within the confines of the environment of a committed relationship that’s consecrated by God,” he stressed.

When asked by “Headstart” anchor Karen Davila to comment about masturbation, especially by curious teens, Sanchez said: “I always tell the teenagers to always strive for self-control, not only in the area of sex, but in any area – video games or food.”

“Self-control, this is what makes a person successful in life. How relationships work is by having self-control. So practice self-control, you don’t want to be addicted to anything, you don’t want to be enslaved to anything,” he added.