‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’ trends worldwide

By Ivy Jean Vibar, abs-cbnNEWS.com

Posted at Jan 06 2012 12:38 PM | Updated as of Jan 07 2012 05:52 AM

MANILA, Philippines - #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines trended worldwide today, at first place, as of posting time.

It also trended locally, along with the hashtag #1ForFUN. Earlier, trending were the topics DOT, “More Fun In The Philippines,” and “It is the Filipino.”

“We are trending WORLDWIDE. Thank you Filipinos!” the Department of Tourism (DOT) tweeted at their official Twitter account.

Filipinos had mixed feelings about the DOT’s new slogan and logo. Whatever their feelings about “It’s more fun in the Philippines,” though, Filipinos rode the agency’s wave of optimism, firing off positive tweets about the Philippines and saying what they think are “more fun” to do in the country.

_Alex_Mendoza_ had a different take. “I do have to admit, but Bekimon is one of my favorite reasons that #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines,” he quipped.

“Even calamities, #itsmorefuninthephilippines because we come together and we can still see the light in the dark,” said @HaldisSays, referring to how Filipinos were able to generate help for the victims of recent natural disasters such as typhoon Sendong.

Despite mostly positive comments and overwhelming support for the new tourism line, though, some still had reservations.

“I don’t like it. Still not creative enough,” said @iamalex44 in response to an abs-cbnNEWS.com tweet asking for feedback about the slogan.

@_QuePasaChica_ also was not fully satisfied with the slogan, saying, “A good slogan can only go so far. Safety & security of tourists, good airport amenities, etc. will do the rest.”

Others still prefer old DOT slogans. “A lot better than Pilipinas Kay Ganda but WOWPhilippines is the best!” said @Jepricito.

Some people rode the popularity of the twitter trend to air their political views. @Arrest_GMA said, “It’s more fun in the Philippines if we are 100% GMA-free.”

“More fun in the Philippines if a fair Chief Justice replaces Renato Corona,” said @iamalex44.

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Public figures and celebrities were not to be left behind.

Using their official Twitter accounts, they posted what they love about the Philippines, and shared their take on the slogan.

Celebrated author Neil Gaiman tweeted, "#itsmorefuninthephilippines hashtag is a true one. They applaud loudly and hug you a lot." Gaiman last visited the Philippines in 2010, when he handed out prizes for the 3rd Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards.

Senator TG Guingona urged tourists to visit Mindanao. “I hope more people get to experience the beauty of Mindanao. Go south, visit the Mindanaoans – we are definitely #1forfun,” he said.

Musician Jim Paredes said he liked the slogan, tweeting: “Aside from the fun stuff, pati sa lamay, protesta, pila, nakatawa tayo. It’s REALLY more fun in the Philippines. Type ko siya.”

“It’s More Fun in the Philippines” – I hear this from FilAm kids who visit PHL. I think it’s a claim we can make,” he said in another tweet.

Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez was lukewarm with the idea, saying: “It’s more fun in the Philippines? Ok. :-/”

User @ageofbrillig criticized the slogan, saying: “Maybe the biggest problem with the slogan is that it’s almost guaranteed to betray on a daily basis. It’s tailor-made for sarcasm.”

Others have capitalized on the slogan’s popularity by appending the #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines tag to their tweets. User @naiaguy, for instance, posted: “So far, there are no delayed flights today.”

Rep. Teddy Casino joked about the slogan, saying: “Philippines ka ba? Bakit? Kasi you’re so fun to be with. BOOM!”

Model Erwan Heussaff said it’s fun in the Philippines because it is “Asia without the language barrier.”

Satirist @HecklerForever said, “the mere fact that you’re having fun tweeting about the new tagline is a proof that #itsmorefuninthephilippines! (hardsell na ba ako?)”

Former MTV VJ Sarah Meier-Albano said: “Taking profile pictures is more fun in the Philippines.”

In an interview with ANC's "On The Scene," Cesar Cruz, president of the Philippine Tour Operators Association said: “I agree with the slogan…it’s simple, easy to be understood, it’s a byword.”


While some lauded the agency’s new slogan, others criticized the agency’s supposed alienation of bloggers and “ordinary” Filipinos, as the agency took a supposedly traditional approach in the launch despite an online, social-media drive.

The DOT launch event was not livestreamed, and taking of photographs was limited. The invitees to the event were also limited to members of the media.

“If it’s really a people’s campaign, you should’ve involved d people (specially d ones hu helped u trend) n d launching. Sad,” said @tonialvarez8.

“Sorry guys, you failed social media test #1. You alientated your online followers & all these bloggers who would share photos,” said blogger/journalist Niña Terol Zialcita, who posts as @ninaterol on Twitter.

“I’m still upset over the manner in which launch was made. Didn’t fully live up to promise of engaging ppl…A ppl’s campaign w/ only trad media in launch,” she said.

“I was expecting to see travel bloggers in that launch. I was asking who were there,” said @philippinebeat.

They were still supportive of the campaign, though, because they think it would do much good for the country.

“Despite the overlook, I support #1forfun,” said @momblogger Noemi Lardizabal-Dado.

“I am disappointed, but I shall support. #itsmorefuninthePhilippines after all!” @ninaterol later tweeted.

According to a post by the DOT, there will be a bigger launch soon, which would accommodate more people.

It is also determined to make the campaign a success.

“Every agency will rally 2 this battle cry, make commuting, traffic more Fun in the Philippines. We have whole support of gov’t,” DOT said on Twitter. With a report from ANC