Here's an easy way to make your own butter at home


Posted at Sep 16 2017 09:37 PM

Homemade butter. Handout photo

MANILA – You’re probably used to buying butter at the supermarket, but did you know that you can easily make your own batch at home in minutes?

California Milk Advisory Board consultant Mark Todd, also known as “the Cheese Dude,” said making butter only requires one thing: “You take cream and you beat the hell out of it.”

“What you do is either churn it, shake it, or put it in a food processor and you beat it up. You know how they tell you to never overwhip the cream or you’ll ruin it? Well here, you get to overwhip it, because that’s what we’re trying to do,” he told members of the media during a recent cheese forum in Quezon City.

“When you beat it like that, the fat molecules start to come together, and that’s what we want. You get rid of the water and the sugar, and the protein,” he added. 

But make sure that you use room temperature cream, or else you end up making something else. Clotted cream is great with scones, but it’s not butter.

Here’s a step-by-step process:



- Jar with cover (a mason jar works just fine)
- Strainer
- Bowl
- Spatula


- Heavy cream


1. Leave the cream out for a bit so that it warms to room temperature. 

2. Fill your jar halfway with cream, and shake it until you see a clump of butter and some thin liquid, which is buttermilk. If you want to skip the arm workout, set your mixer on medium to high and overwhip the cream.

3. Strain the butter into a bowl, making sure all the liquid runs out. Set the buttermilk aside.

4. Rinse the butter with water to remove any excess liquid. 

5. Knead the butter with a spatula for a minute or two to bring together the curds. If you want to add salt to your butter, now is a good time.