Artists fill Baguio's streets with 'yarn bombs'

Justin Aguilar, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Aug 31 2017 03:58 PM | Updated as of Aug 31 2017 04:12 PM

BAGUIO CITY - Street art in Baguio has just leveled up. 

Replacing unsightly spray paint, crochet artists have put their craft to new use by treating pedestrians to a pleasant display of skillfully knitted "yarn bombs."

In the past few days, crocheted pieces have sprung up along Session Road in the form of cute and cuddly flowers and mushrooms breathing life to unlikely walls and pavement; colorful scarves wrapped around bare post lights for a cozy feel; and other quirky designs such as faux water leaking out of a fire hydrant.

But beyond mere aesthetics, these artists have a higher purpose for "bombing" the streets. 

"Noong una, ginawa lang namin kasi 'yung mga natatanggal na bricks sa Malcolm [Square], kailangang mapansin," Dumay Solinggay, a yarn bomber, said.

With the total banning of graffiti in the city, the group wants to encourage the typical street artist to elevate their art. 

"Hindi lahat ng graffiti ay eyesore. Graffiti encourages creativity. It also challenges [those who write on walls] na sana mas i-elevate nila yung art nila para hindi sabihing eyesore lahat ng graffiti," Solinggay said.

The public has received this new art form perhaps too enthusiastically, as yarn bombers are often left puzzled by the disappearances of many of the yarn figures shortly after installation. 

"Kinabukasan wala na siya. 'Di namin alam kung nagustuhan nila yung art o nadumihan sila. Pero feeling namin natuwa sila kaya nila inalis," said Ira Noefe, another yarn bomber.

The group continues to drop yarn bombs to warm the city as the "ber" season starts Friday.