Designer speaks up on Ivy’s black bridal gown in ‘Wildflower’

Jenica Chuahiock, Metro Magazine

Posted at Aug 13 2017 10:45 PM | Updated as of Aug 18 2017 12:49 PM

Last week’s #WildflowerWildestWedding ended with an electrifying scene, as Ivy unleashes her fury against her would-be groom, Arnaldo Ardiente, and his no-good family. 

Maja Salvador, who plays the troubled heroine in "Wildflower," delivered a heart-stopping performance as an enraged bride; brilliant as her performance was, we can’t help but admit that the jeweled, black bridal gown added to the shock value—and wow, did it truly have audiences gawking. 


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Val Taguba, bridal designer to Ivy’s black wedding gown, recounts the exciting moment he was called in to be part of the most scandalous wedding on teleserye to date. 

“At first I was reluctant due to the very short notice. But when [the production stylist] said it will be in black, I said yes, without hesitation,” he says. “Perhaps, I needed a break from all the white bridal gowns I am endlessly making!” 

To have a bride wear any color other than white is controversial as it is, but to have her wear black is completely brazen. And yet somehow, to have Ivy wear black, a color widely associated to death, bitterness and misfortune, simultaneously also modern fashion’s most versatile color, just seems perfect; it’s impossible to envision a vengeful Ivy wearing any other color then. 

“The divine Maja Salvador was a vision in black bridal ballgown,” commends Val, who without a doubt was also at the edge of his seat watching the episode. “She was sultry, seductive and dangerous all at the same time. As she walked down the aisle, in her Val Taguba Black bridal ballgown, she was all woman, looking fragile and yet ready to explode at anything and anyone who stands her way. Simply said, I was happy the dress I made for her has served its purpose.” 


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With the pictures of #BrideInBlack trending in social media, it’s worth pondering if a black bridal gown could be trendy in real life as it is in thrillers. Exciting as it is, Val still recommends choosing white gowns for a wedding. He remarks: “White should still be the color of a bride's wedding dress. It looks more pure, more romantic and doesn't invite intrigue like a black bridal dress.” 

Not really to dissuade any bride from choosing the color she wants for her gown, Val also admits, if the bride can pull off a black gown like Maja, then why not? It is a style fit only for the daring woman, or as the hapless groom, Arnaldo Ardiente, puts it, a woman who is “never one for tradition.”