Beauty showdown: Korean vs. Japanese vs. Taiwanese skincare

Gelie Manansala, Metro Magazine

Posted at Aug 13 2017 07:18 PM

If you find yourself watching tons of videos about the 10-step Korean beauty trend, hoarding a bunch of Japanese sheet masks with animal prints on it, or always on a hunt to find the regimen that is tailor-made for your skin, then just like us, you’ve become a skincare fanatic! 

Yet, with all the craze on the beauty world popping up every week, it’s a little confusing to distinguish each side’s strengths, and which is best for you. 

Let’s take a pause and break down all we need to know about Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese skincare.

1. Korean skincare

By far, the most popular among the three skincare systems, Korean beauty lines are growing at a fast rate, thanks to everyone’s growing obsession for K-pop. They observe the latest trends in the beauty industry and quickly adapt to it; they are in many ways the most fashionable when it comes to skincare. Plus, most Korean products are based on natural ingredients and free from harsh chemicals that makes it ideal for every skin type. The packaging itself will make you want to buy them all.

2. Japanese skincare


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Japanese culture is known to have a “world of their own.” They rarely follow trends, they make them. Their beauty rituals focus on few steps with simple and powerful ingredients. They treat their skincare with the same philosophy; less is more. While Korean skincare focuses on the trends, Japanese skincare focuses on cleansing and polishing the skin. These are basically the most vital steps in the skincare world, which makes Japanese skincare perfect if you’re a newbie.

3. Taiwanese skincare


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Taiwanese skincare is the next big thing in the beauty scene. A lot of Taiwan’s beauty brands focus more on anti-aging, whitening, and brightening. Their skincare brands have a greater slant towards dermatological innovations, but they also use natural ingredients to create the perfect balance between organic and science. Functionality is the basis of Taiwanese brands, like 23.5ºN, which have tailored routines based on climate, skin-types and concerns. Not much frills or trendy gimmicks here, just the good stuff suited for your skin. 

23.5ºN is now available in Philippines through Beauty Bar stores in Metro Manila.