Going green: Balancing urbanization and environmental sustainability


Posted at Jul 06 2017 01:46 PM

MANILA -- Though urbanization is beneficial in making cities more competitive and inclusive, the Philippines is faced with the challenge of adapting to rapid industrialization while still making cities environment-friendly.

According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), major cities in the country can still go green by lessening the ecological footprint in their areas or the impact of human activities to nature.

Dr. Simplicia Pasicolan, chief of urban ecosystems research division of the DENR, said this can be done by shifting to renewable sources of energy, and by making establishments more eco-friendly.

“In our small way, say in one community they have there green parks. That’s very important not just to have a semblance of being close to nature but for us to have oxygen to breathe in,” she said on ANC Thursday.

“We can go green. We need to lessen our ecological impact or footprint,” she added.

Pasicolan cited as example using rainwater for watering plants and in toilets to lessen the ecological footprint.

She also raised the importance of "sustainability" in efforts to curb pollution.

"It has to continue so that there will be economic growth and it will be balanced with economic protection as well," she said.