Sizzling fried balut makes it to the Washington Post

Don Tagala, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

Posted at May 27 2017 07:38 PM

MARYLAND - Proudly framed at the doorstep of a new Filipino restaurant in Gaithersburg, Maryland is a Washington Post food review of Matthew’s Grill.

Named after the owner’s son, Matthew, this Filipino restaurant serves a buffet of Pinoy favorites from garlic shrimp and lumpia, to lengua and kare-kare.
Co-owners Raymond Domingo and cousin CJ De Ausen said their goal was to introduce traditional home-cooked Filipino meals in Maryland.
“There’s a good trend that’s going the last couple years, with Filipino food in general, and that’s kind of why we thought it was a good time to do it especially in DC, a lot of places opened up in the last couple years, so it was just really good timing,” said De Ausen.
Matthew’s Grill’s sizzling fried balut made a big debut on the Washington Post review.

Tired of seeing balut used as gastronomic dares in Fear Factor and other reality television shows, Domingo said he created the sizzling balut plate to elevate this Pinoy favorite’s respect status.
“Pampanga kasi, mga Kapampangan mahilig mag-imbento ng kung anu-anong pulutan yan 'eh. Doon nga pinupulutan lang namin yan eh. Americans, they’re scared to eat the balut. Kaya iniba ko 'yung style para alam mo yun, ma-patronize nila, effective naman,” he said.
Washington Post’s Tim Carman said the ongoing fascination with Filipino fare is, in a sense, a testament to globalism, colonialism or some other -ism that will no doubt raise somebody’s hackles out there in the quick-draw frontier known as Twitter. 

“Nung na-feature kami, malaking bagay kasi, alam mo yun, like sila mahilig silang magbasa sa mga post, so dumami rin yung mga puti,” said Domingo.
For dessert, aside from the popular halohalo, Matthews Grill also serves banana turon topped with ube ice cream, prepared by CJ’s mom.

Matthew’s Grill may not sound like your usual Filipino restaurant but behind this unassuming name is an authentic Filipino dining experience one can only experience in the kitchens of Filipino families such as the Domingos and the De Ausens of Pampanga.
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