Marcos not ruling out stab at presidency

By Christina Mendez, The Philippine Star

MANILA - Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has not ruled out following the footsteps of his father to the presidency.

Being a politician, it is inevitable that he will aim for the highest post in government, he told radio dzRH in an interview.

He believes that he has climbed the political ladder to the point that he is now prepared for the presidency, he added.

Marcos said his experience in public service all these years cannot be underestimated.

Starting as Ilocos Norte vice governor at age 23, he became governor, a member of the House of Representatives, then senator, he added.

However, he has not yet decided whether he will seek the presidency next year, he said.

Marcos outlined his credentials in contrast to what he sees is wrong in the administration of President Aquino.

“At least, I have some experience,“ he said in Filipino. “I have ideas about reforms.”

Marcos criticized the administration for its shortcomings in the delivery of basic services to the Filipino people.

The administration can be rated a “poor six,” he added.

Aquino must replace his advisers who have not been helping his administration, he said.

Marcos said he had learned from the best – his father.

“I have not seen anybody as good,” he said in Filipino. “I am really so fortunate for my father and mother who helped him.”

He pointed out one by one the problems besetting the administration: public transport system, poor infrastructure and massive traffic jam.

Marcos said the lack of infrastructure had worsened congestion in airports and seaports.

Failure to construct new power plants could lead to a power crisis, he added.

Marcos criticized the administration’s failure to spend an estimated P400 billion that Congress had allocated for various infrastructure projects.

Had those projects been implemented, they would have spurred the growth of the economy and generated more jobs, he added.

Data from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) show that the government disbursed P68.5 billion on infrastructure and other capital outlays during the first three months of 2015, down 11 percent from P77 billion in the first quarter of last year, he said.

Marcos said the Philippines was the first to have an LRT system in Southeast Asia when his father was president.

Now the country has become a laughing stock in the region for the administration’s failure to improve the public transport system, he said.

Marcos said Mindanao and other parts of the country are going through a continuing power crisis. When his father was president, he had long-term projects from five to 25 years, he added.

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