Top Republican muddies stance on 'Obamacare' repeal

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Posted at Nov 09 2012 07:42 AM | Updated as of Nov 09 2012 06:37 PM

WASHINGTON (UPDATE) - US House Speaker John Boehner used Twitter on Thursday to ride back on earlier comments that suggested he was ready to drop Republican opposition to President Barack Obama's health care reforms.

Asked in an interview with ABC News whether he would seek to fully repeal Obama's signature piece of legislation, as Republican challenger Mitt Romney had vowed to do if he became president, Boehner said "the election changes that."

"Obamacare is the law of the land," the speaker added.

But Boehner later indicated that while the sweeping health reform is law, Republicans still oppose the changes and want the legislation reversed.

"ObamaCare is law of the land, but it is raising costs & threatening jobs. Our goal has been, and will remain, #fullrepeal," Boehner tweeted.

Republican lawmakers have opposed the reform as a single, broad piece of legislation, and several lawmakers in the party campaigned for months vowing to try to repeal it.

The law aims to provide coverage to 32 million uninsured Americans. It bars insurance companies from denying coverage to children with pre-existing conditions, allows parents to keep children on their plans until age 26 and prohibits lifetime limits on coverage.

Republicans say the reforms will increase costs, cause insurance premiums to rise and hurt the quality of health care.

They have especially taken issue with a key underpinning of the overhaul, an "individual mandate" requiring almost every US citizen from 2014 to take out health insurance or be subject to a fine.

Before losing to Obama in Tuesday's presidential race, Romney had vowed to start repealing Obamacare "on day one" if he were elected.

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