Japan seizes 3 Taiwanese fishing boats in 10 days

Posted at | Updated as of 05/25/13 7:54 AM

NAHA, Japan - Japan's Fisheries Agency seized a Taiwanese fishing boat Thursday on suspicion of illegally operating in the country's exclusive economic zone south of the Sakishima Islands.

The agency arrested the captain of the boat, Su Ze Hong, 45, on the spot but later released him after he submitted a document to guarantee the payment of cash collateral.

It was the third seizure of a Taiwanese vessel since a Japan-Taiwan bilateral fishery agreement took effect on May 10 to allow Taiwanese vessels to operate to the north of the Sakishima island chain in southwestern Japan but not to the south.

The 46.29-ton Taiwanese long-line fishing boat was illegally operating in waters about 1.2 kilometers off the agreed area early Thursday, according to the agency.