Austrian minister lauds Pinoy nurses

by Hector Pascua, ABS-CBN Europe Bureau

Posted at Dec 05 2012 10:41 AM | Updated as of Dec 06 2012 12:42 AM

Ambassador Lourdes O. Yparraguirre
VIENNA - An Austrian federal minister only had praise for Filipino nurses working in Austria.
Austrian Federal Minister for Women and Public Service Minister Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek joined the Philippine Nurses Association Austria during their Thanksgiving and Pre-Christmas dinner reception at the Marriott Hotel Vienna.

The minister expressed her gratitude to the Filipino nurses in Austria, mostly women, for their contributions to the country's healthcare system, while at the same fulfilling their respective duties as mothers and spouses.

Ambassador Lourdes O. Yparraguirre also gave an inspirational message to the Filipino nurses and to the members of the Filipino community at the event.

Yparraguirre thanked her “kababayans” for the excellent service they render to their Austrian patients.

"There is indeed so much to be thankful about. In virtually every corner of the globe, there is nothing but praise for hardworking and dedicated Filipino nurses, who are able to provide outstanding care and maintain excellent relationships with their patients and their hospital colleagues. Filipino nurses are a constant source of pride for the Philippine Embassy and the entire Filipino nation for they are regarded as the pillar that supports the country’s respected healthcare system," she said.

Recently, Sonja Wehsely, head of the Vienna Health Sector said Filipino nurses possess professional training which is why they are very much loved by the Austrians.

Filipino nurses in Austria first arrived in the early 1970s and were among the first migrants from the Philippines.

About 90% of the total population of Filipinos in Austria are working as nurses, midwives in hospitals and old folks homes around the country.