Fil-Am bet not sorry about Obama-Hitler remark

By Nadia Trinidad, ABS-CBN North America Bureau Chief

Posted at Nov 07 2012 10:01 AM | Updated as of Nov 07 2012 06:01 PM

WARREN, OH - A day before decision day, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney pounded on the Buckeye State of Ohio, for its coveted 18 electoral votes that could make or break their bid for the White House.

But in the mostly Democratic city of Warren, a Filipino American Republican candidate for US Congress has made headlines for comparing Obama to Adolf Hitler.

Pediatrician Marisha Agana is the newest toast of the Tea Party.

Dr. Agana told Balitang America she approached the Tea Party to carry her candidacy. She said the Tea Party did all the door-to-door campaigning for her to sell her ultra-conservative political views.

Agana is challenging incumbent Democrat Tim Ryan, whose seat has never been challenged since he won in 2002.

She said she has no apologies for comparing Obama to the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, despite the backlash she got on social and mainstream media.

“There are a lot of naive and misinformed Americans,” said Agana. “I believe in my heart of hearts that we don’t have freedom of the press anymore.”

She added that she fears America is headed towards socialism under President Obama.

“The role of government is to protect our civil liberties not to take over our lives,” said Agana.

Some of her Democratic friends said they will cross party lines to vote for her, but they would not go as far as embracing her choice for the next leader of the nation.