Gay Pinoys in Holland impressed with movie ‘Boy’

By Loui Galicia, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau

Posted at Oct 09 2012 04:18 PM | Updated as of Oct 10 2012 12:18 AM

HOLLAND – “Boy”, a Dutch film about the life of a homosexual Filipino houseboy, has gained a number of fans, particularly gays.
Screened at the recently concluded Netherlands Film Festival, “Boy” collected fans from the Pinoy gay community.

Arvin Quirante, who starred as the boyfriend of the Pinoy houseboy played by Gerald Gonzales, also gained a league of fans.

Arvin Quirante with Filipino fans

Quirante, a professional singer and certified voice teacher in The Netherlands, has no experience in film acting.
His experience in acting is on stage when he was cast as Thuy, the lead role in Miss Saigon in The Netherlands and also as the understudy Thuy in Miss Saigon Manila.
Quirante said he was able to hide his nervousness at several delicate scenes like his kissing scene with Gonzales.
“Kasi part yan ng buhay ng gay. Otherwise, I’m not telling the truth about the gay society…about buhay ng bakla,” Quirante said.
Many gays who attended the festival are proud of the film.
“Maganda. It’s nice to see it. To see also a Filipino speaking Dutch,” Godwin Yosalina said.

“If you compare it to a poem it’s like a stream of consciousness-like script. Very natural, very not forced,” Jamaica Salcedo said.
Even the foreigners were impressed at the movie that was shown in both Dutch and Tagalog.

“I like the movie 'Boy' very much. It’s nice to see Filipinos acting,” Goran Turnsek said.

Boy was among the 14 films in competition for the Golden Calf awards, the Dutch equivalent of the Oscars but it did not receive a nomination.
In December, Boy will be among eight films to be shown on Dutch channel Nederland2 as part of the “One Night Stand on TV.”