Canadian fights for Pinay wife to join him in Canada

By Vina Araneta, Balitang Canada

Posted at Sep 19 2012 04:33 PM | Updated as of Sep 20 2012 12:33 AM

DAVAO - Husband and wife Marife and Carwin Miltimore are together again after not seeing each other for almost 6 months.
Carwin, a truck driver in Alberta, Canada is in Davao, Philippines to spend time with his wife since he cannot bring her to Canada.
The Canadian government has rejected Marife's application to live in Canada because the federal immigration officials think their marriage is a fraud because of the couple's 37-year age difference.
But the two insist that their love and marriage is for real.
According to Carwin, after his marriage ended in divorce in 2005, he became lonely and miserable so he used his leisure time browsing social networks where he found Marife through an online dating website in 2008.
“I have been alone for a long time. It’s hard to live alone. It’s hard to sometimes get up in the morning and go to work. I love her smile. I love her sense of humor. She's a very caring person and I know she'll take care of me if that needs to be the case,” Carwin said.
After four months of chatting, Miltimore decided to visit Marife in the Philippines and they started dating. On February 2009, on Marife's 20th birthday, the two decided to get married in her hometown in Mati, Davao Oriental.
“When you talk to somebody online for as long as we did, and it took awhile to develop it, and I wasn't really interested in talking to anybody but her after awhile,” added Carwin.
According to Marife, Carwin is her first real love. She never expected that she would fall in love with someone almost the same age as her father.
“Understanding po siya. Mabait po, caring, very kind po siya,” she said.
Marife's family has not been against their relationship. Her father Aurelio, who is just two years older than Carwin, supports her daughter's decision when she married the Canadian.
“Gusto ng aking anak, gusto niya. Sila ang nagkakaintindihan,” he said.
For three years, Carwin and Marife have been together for one to three weeks once a year during his annual vacation. But the couple connects everyday through videos and web chat. The couple wants to continue the fight in court, especially Carwin who has already spent around US$10,000 for the case.
Meantime, Marife never loses hope and wanted to live in Canada to be with Carwin. The Canadian is also ready to give up everything for Marife, even if it means leaving his life back in Canada and moving to Davao.