Temporary foreign workers unite for changes to TFW program

By Marjorie Carmona Newman, ABS-CBN Canada

Posted at Aug 28 2014 03:38 PM | Updated as of Aug 28 2014 11:38 PM


CANADA – Temporary foreign workers in Edmonton have come together in their fight for changes to the TFW program.

The fight continues for temporary foreign workers and a coalition in Alberta proves just that.

Despite recent changes to the TFW program, the Temporary Foreign Workers Coalition is pushing for permanent immigration for TFW's.

They add a number of federal lawmakers are supporting their position.

"We had a favorable meeting with the Liberal's immigration critic John McCallum. He basically came out and wanted to meet with us and he generally supports our position of immigration deportation for temporary foreign workers. The Liberal party as a whole supports the idea of bringing in people, bringing in foreign workers as permanent residents," said Clarizze Truscott, spokesperson of the TFW Coalition.

The coalition brought McCallum's attention to the concern of temporary workers who submitted applications for permanent residency under the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program or AINP.

With delays in the processing of applications, some work permits have already expired resulting to the automatic cancellation of their AINP applications.

"A lot of them have applied but they do not know the status of their application and this is something that we raised during our meeting with Liberal critic John McCallum. So ang sagot sa amin ay tutulungan niya tayo i-push na ma-extend yong work permit habang naghihintay sila sa resulta ng AINP whether it is positive or negative results," said Marco Lucianom, spokesperson of Migrante Alberta.

The coalition added they asked to meet with Jason Kenney in his Calgary office last June, only to be denied.

Kenney's office asked why the minister should meet with temporary foreign workers who were non-Canadians.

"However, we are challenging all parties here in Canada to really support and if they feel that workers are good enough to work and are good enough to stay they should be the ones pushing this forward," added Luciano.

The TFW Coalition was formed in Edmonton in response to the human rights crisis brought by the moratorium and drastic changes to Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program.