Pinay cancer survivor bikes across US to help homeless

by Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Posted at Jul 24 2014 07:42 AM | Updated as of Jul 24 2014 03:42 PM

EL MONTE, California – The open trails and her handle bars has been Monica Busby's view for the six weeks.

By the end of her 2-month trip which began in June, the ovarian cancer survivor will embark on a 3,600-mile cross-country bike ride from New Jersey to Oregon, helping the homeless through the Fuller Foundation.

"I had to do an emergency surgery and when they opened me that's when I found out I had cancer so I've been very blessed that I'm still here. Obviously there must be a purpose for me to be here," said Busby.

While Busby's cross-country bike ride is a testament of strength and iron will, it's also a chance for her to help those less fortunate.

Busby has been part of a team that is trying to raise million dollars for The Fuller Foundation that helps families find homes and fix them.

"We're riding about 50 to a hundred miles a day and probably passing through 15 states. And in almost every state, we're [there's] going to be once a week building and helping build homes for the elderly and mga families that can't afford a home or have a really, really dilapidated home," said Busby.

The 38-year-old Hollywood publicist was already cycling prior to her cancer diagnosis, but after she made a full recovery she made it her mission to use her hobby as a vehicle for change.

"I'm not much of the gym type so when I got on my bike and it's a great culture here in Los Angeles so I'm sure throughout America and especially in Europe, it's a social exercise. I love being around people and us cyclists, we really love to raise money and do a lot of charities," she said.

Busby said she trained for this adventure for several months, hitting Southern California's trails several days a week with her other bike buddies.

The Fuller Foundation's convoy left New Jersey in early June. After six weeks, they are in Montana and are on pace to finish their trip in Oregon in a couple weeks.