Thousands of jobs available to new immigrants in Canada

by Cecile Docto, Balitang Canada

Posted at Jul 10 2012 04:07 PM | Updated as of Jul 11 2012 12:07 AM

VANCOUVER – Unemployment numbers may be the same, but employment counselors believe there are a lot of jobs available for new immigrants.

About 214,000 new jobs were created in the past year, mostly in the manufacturing and construction industries.

Statistics Canada reported more than half of this number was generated just in March and April this year.

The demands are high in the trades, information technology, healthcare and retail sectors.

Employment counselor Mary Tecson of the Immigration Services Society of BC said construction is booming in British Columbia while the oil is a big industry in Alberta. But not many Filipinos are interested.

Tecson, employment counselor, immigration Services Society of BC said: "Yung mga Pilipino gusto white collar jobs and gusto nasa office lagi. Lahat doon nagpupuntahan. Maganda kasi yung i-explore nila yung other sectors,” Tecson said.

Tecson added that one big challenge facing new immigrants is applying their skills to the Canadian labor market.

The Skills Connect for Immigrants is one support available in BC where job seekers can upgrade their existing credentials through skills training

“It’s good for new immigrants,” said Eloisa Lazo.

Tecson said more than 80 percent of people who availed of this program were able to successfully integrate in the Canadian workplace.