'Rich kid's' Facebook post of Pinay DH stirs outrage


Posted at Jul 08 2014 03:07 PM | Updated as of Jul 09 2014 11:24 PM

MANILA - The Facebook account of the so-called "rich kids" of Snapchat has been garnering criticisms for shameless display of wealth and arrogance.

The Facebook community "What Happens at Private School Goes On Snapchat" compiles photos of private jets, sports cars, luxury goods and expensive bottles of wine, which are reportedly taken by wealthy students at private schools in the UK.

The page has over 255,000 likes, although it has also received many negative comments.

One of the posts that has stirred outrage is a photo of an Asian-looking woman slumped in a seat inside a private jet. The photo was captioned: "When your Filipina flies private RN" (right now).

The post garnered heavy criticism from Facebook users.

"'Your' Filipina? To the moron who posted this... money doesn't buy ownership of a human being- it buys their services. Yet another example of how money can't buy empathy nor intelligence," a Facebook user said.

Another Facebook user commented: "This is disgusting - what is wrong with you people ?!"

The Daily Mail reported "What Happens at Private School Goes On Snapchat" was started by a teenager from the UK who made his wealth by trading equities when he was 12.

The young man, who was not identified, has a Snapchat account (RIchKidSnaps) where he accepts photos from other wealthy individuals. He picks the photos, which are then posted on the Facebook page.

On Facebook, the young man said he created the page only for "entertainment purposes."

"I meant no offence whatsoever. The Facebook page and my snapchat are completely different things. My snapchat's sole purpose is to inspire other young people to go out and achieve what they want to achieve. I show my extreme lifestyle so that people can see that even me: someone who isn't especially intelligent, and started with only £500 (when I was 12, I am now 17) is able to achieve great things... I am deeply sorry to anyone who takes offence from this whole thing. That was not my intention," he said.