Pinoys join Carnival of Dirt protest in London

By Rose Eclarinal, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau

Posted at Jun 18 2012 09:34 AM | Updated as of Jun 19 2012 05:36 PM

Photo by Rose Eclarinal

LONDON – Members of the Campaign for Human Rights  in the Philippines UK  joined the protest action dubbed as the Carnival of Dirt on Friday.

CHRP UK along with several UK activist, pressure groups,  migrant communities and NGOs from D.R. Congo, Nigeria, West Papua, Peru, Columbia, Canada, Mexico, Tanzania, Somalia, and Nigeria challenged the "complicity of western countries in corporate abuses" and tagged some  multi-national companies as "carnival freaks" that ignore and bypass environmental laws, perpetuate labor and  human rights abuses, among many other things. 

Dressed in black,  the protesters convened at the footsteps of St. Paul’s Cathedral and marched to Aldgate East Park in a full funeral cortege,  with  a Congolese choir and New Orleans funeral jazz band, to their protest against powerful institutions behind environment and human rights abuses.

Photo credit: CHRP UK

The dramatised funeral cortege was intended to remember and honor those who stood up and died fighting for environmental and social justice. 

Pinoys who joined the the march carried placards with photos of   Dr. Gerry Ortega, Armin Marin, and Dr. Leonard Co, some of the  Filipino activists  who lost their lives standing up to corporate terrorism.

"We believe  that as migrant communities in the UK we need to go hand and hand with other migrant communities,  as well as the local people to really to raise awareness in terms or what is really happening in terms of human rights abuses in the Philippines and worldwide," said RJ Maramag of CHRP UK.

Photo credit: CHRP UK

"I’m part of Occupy London. We are here to expose the crimes committed by powerful, multi-national companies. I’m part of a worthy struggle. Im here to fight for global justice," said Raymond Obedencio.

At Aldgate East Park a program was held with speakers narrating the efforts of indigenous activists and human rights defenders and  religious leaders in the fight against corporate terrorism. A picnic style teach-out with academics and indigenous people sharing experiences and common goals.